Introduction: Basic Travel Toiletry Case

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This is a basic toiletry carrying case made from an electronics travel case.

Step 1: Case

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Amazon basics universal travel case for electronics and accessories.

Step 2: Bottles

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Fill 2oz bottles with desired liquid products.

Step 3: Shower Ball

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Fit a mesh shower ball inside a soap box.

Step 4: Supplies

Picture of Supplies

Mesh Shower Ball



Body Wash

Contact Solution

Contact Case




Nail Clipper

Lip Balm

Cotton Swabs

Migraine Tablets

Plastic Bag

Step 5: Fill

Picture of Fill

Pack the case and pack your bags.


DIY Dave (author)2017-06-23

Great idea! I love to keep things organized

EcoExpatMike (author)2017-06-23

Shaving? For the compact solution try shaving oil instead of cream or soap.

djpolymath (author)EcoExpatMike2017-06-23

Good thinking on the oil. I think you could definitely squeeze some oil and a razor in as well. I don't shave very often so I leave it out of my case.

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