Introduction: Basic Zippo Closing Trick

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Step 1:

This is a basic trick. If you do it somewhat right you shouldn't get burned

Step 2:

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Take the zippo and light it to use it or to practice this trick.

Step 3:

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Then you need to grab the "lid".

Step 4:

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The grip should be loose as to not throw the zippo across the room, but not too tight as to not allow it to spin.

Step 5:

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You then flip the lighter under your hand so it is above your hand( look at the photo you should be able to figure it out.) See the scare on my had? I cut it open while making the knife from the kydex sheath instructable.4 stitches! :)

Step 6:

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You then slam it closed

Step 7:

And you've done the trick! Please try not to burn yourself!fell free to comment and or follow


TimedTapestry0 (author)2014-03-29

I tought him this trick

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