Picture of Basic Zippo tricks
These aren't the big party tricks that amaze and astound friends, these are the ones that make them go, 'woah cool, how'd ya do that?' or 'nice, pretty slick'

These are the basics and are just things to do while you're bored or a new way to light your zippo, it's made as a follow up to Rewicking and reflinting your zippo.

Watch the video to see all the tricks done, it's only on the first and last step so people with slower connections aren't loading it every time they look at a new step. Also it's designed as a run-down of them, As of yet I don't have a camera with a high enough frame rate to capture the motions involved and slow them down effectively, at 30FPS most of these happen over a couple of frames.

Once You've mastered these you can go on to the second set of Zippo tricks

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Step 1: Click your fingers...

Picture of Click your fingers...
This is an easy trick, when executed quickly and smoothly it looks really slick and it's actually quite hard to see what's going on...

All you do is click your finger near your zippo and it lights... Hmm not the normal way of doing it.

The secret to this easy trick is simply putting your clicking finger against the flint wheel, usually your middle finger, as your finger snaps down against your hand it spins the flintwheel, it looks pretty slick if you flip open your zippo and pass your hand right by it clicking, it lights...

The whole point here is just to have a normal scenario, not a big trick, people aren't looking for the method they just notice someone light their zippo with the click of a finger...

So again:
- Middle finger against flintwheel
- Click down hard while moving hand away
- Get admiration and free drinks

Doing it while moving is basically the same except you need to be able to click just as your hand passes the flintwheel...
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mrlunna133 years ago
My Dad caught me smoking at age 11, then he bought a pack of cigarettes and made me smoke the whole thing! I got addicted to cigarettes since then!
I own, a collection of Zippo lighters. 1 14K Gold , 7 Sterling Silver, 14 brass, 6 Stainless Steel. I have been looking for a copper one.
(removed by author or community request)

I wish parents would do the same for weed.

CyrulC5 months ago

CyrulC5 months ago

henryleven6 months ago

its not working :/

JACKBARRY2 years ago
where can i get a zippo

On you can have one for a few bucks ;)

spilthe2 years ago
the wordage in this article bothered me so much i created an account. you snap your fingers, not "click" them...
killerjackalope (author)  spilthe2 years ago
I'm guessing we live in different parts of the world... Neither's wrong...

As for the unclear thing - I went for simple. Autistic I ain't.
msanft3 years ago
the lid probably hits the flint wheel
sharlston5 years ago
yay i got my first zippo today heres a pic:
Sorry, but thats a counterfeit zippo on real Zippo's the top does not go al the way down and Zippo's have 5 holes on the chimney oh and does it say zippo on the bottom
Acctually the bottom goes all the way down becuase ive worn it out and look at the ibles 1st step,killerjackalopes zippo has 7 holes
actually its eight
i counted 7
Nah, it pretty definitely has eight; in the first photograph that you can see the holes, one is obscured by the curve, but looking in other photos you can see that it is there
Real zippos have 8, I just bought one.
Hmm what about the zippo in the instructablr?
Then it is fake.
The black magic trick is amazing!!!!!! :-)
it was better when it was called The Twilight zone... many tricks have names, should have been around a few years ago when / was around. nowadays people are just ripping off old tricks as their own
Thanks, its such a cool little effect... It's also really good to play with, like doing it then lighting something by clicking your fingers instead of making a show of the whole trick...
sharlston5 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Don't tell them. If the cashier won't sell one to you because you look too young, then you probably are. You don't have to be 18, but they probably won't sell to a 12 year old. If you really need one, though, try getting an older sibling or friend to buy one for you, or try to buy one from a cashier who looks young.
i just bought my first ippo today and the lady at the knife shop sold an unfueled zippo to me because i said it was a gift for my dad...
They're always sold unfueled.
Unless you buy one used...
Slain again by technicalities.
2 of my friends and I are masters of technicalities.

yay for getting out of school contracts!
I find that the bigger the store, the more likely they are to sell it to you. You wont have any luck at 7 11 or somewhere like that. try fred meyers or something along those lines.
I got six of them for free, three brass and three in a really ugly realtree camo pattern, by faking points you're supposed to collect from packs of cigars and enter into a website, they made the letter number combos too easy to figure out.
burn down your house.
Labot20016 years ago
I want a zippo now.
fourthe-- wait a minute....
fifthed. lol
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