Step 5: Black magic.

This one is great for amazing and astounding, not to mention surprisingly easy to master at the end of the day.

The first bit to this is setting up. You need to make a little arch in your wick, like the photo.

Now try lighting it and pulling your thumb and forefinger across the chimney, the flame should disappear, now wave your hand past the lighter or blow on it.

If it doesn't relight then you need to adjust the shape of the wick, what you are looking to create is a little space underneath the arch in the wick where a small flame can effectively hide and stay lit when the larger flame is out.

The reason the lighter relights when you disturb it is that the flame catches the vapour coming from the top of the wick. Once you start to get a feel for this you can invent your own way of causing the lighter to re-light, I personally like setting it on a table and stealing the flame then snapping my fingers while swinging my hand over it.

Others include saying something and giving it a tiny shake or pretend to pop the essence of the flame in your mouth, then slowly bring your hand flat and level with the chimney. Blow gently across your hand and let onlookers be amazed.
<p>If your Zippo lights when you close it, the lighter assembly is up too high. Just push it down every now and then.</p>
I want a zippo now.
too bad... i just got one today... i cant twentiethted lol
me too
i got one today to, its a chevy one :D
I got one!!
fourthe-- wait a minute....
fifthed. lol
C'mon people, keep it going!
Me too. I have one, but it's one of the tall ones. You can't really do any tricks with those.
Nyah nyah, I have two silver ones and a slim one...
<p>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fmOtJzBKTs </p>
<p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/5fmOtJzBKTs" width="500"></iframe></p><p><br></p>
<p>its not working :/</p>
where can i get a zippo
<p>On dx.com you can have one for a few bucks ;)</p>
the wordage in this article bothered me so much i created an account. you snap your fingers, not &quot;click&quot; them...
I'm guessing we live in different parts of the world... Neither's wrong... <br> <br>As for the unclear thing - I went for simple. Autistic I ain't.
the lid probably hits the flint wheel
yay i got my first zippo today heres a pic:
Sorry, but thats a counterfeit zippo on real Zippo's the top does not go al the way down and Zippo's have 5 holes on the chimney oh and does it say zippo on the bottom
Acctually the bottom goes all the way down becuase ive worn it out and look at the ibles 1st step,killerjackalopes zippo has 7 holes
actually its eight<br>
i counted 7
Nah, it pretty definitely has eight; in the first photograph that you can see the holes, one is obscured by the curve, but looking in other photos you can see that it is there
Real zippos have 8, I just bought one.
Hmm what about the zippo in the instructablr?
Then it is fake.
My Dad caught me smoking at age 11, then he bought a pack of cigarettes and made me smoke the whole thing! I got addicted to cigarettes since then! <br>I own, a collection of Zippo lighters. 1 14K Gold , 7 Sterling Silver, 14 brass, 6 Stainless Steel. I have been looking for a copper one.
The black magic trick is amazing!!!!!! :-)
it was better when it was called The Twilight zone... many tricks have names, should have been around a few years ago when zippotricks.com / lightertricks.com was around. nowadays people are just ripping off old tricks as their own
Thanks, its such a cool little effect... It's also really good to play with, like doing it then lighting something by clicking your fingers instead of making a show of the whole trick...
My fingers are too slippery :(<br />
Try to catch your fingers on the edge more, that might help...<br />
if you pull your zippo out of your pocket and roll the striker off your pants it will light up its sweet and if you leave your zippo running for a while it will make a big explosion and your zippo is totaled
how do you do the thing where you flick the top off the lighter and it lights?
this trick was so easy I knew it when i bought the lighter

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