Step 5: Black Magic.

This one is great for amazing and astounding, not to mention surprisingly easy to master at the end of the day.

The first bit to this is setting up. You need to make a little arch in your wick, like the photo.

Now try lighting it and pulling your thumb and forefinger across the chimney, the flame should disappear, now wave your hand past the lighter or blow on it.

If it doesn't relight then you need to adjust the shape of the wick, what you are looking to create is a little space underneath the arch in the wick where a small flame can effectively hide and stay lit when the larger flame is out.

The reason the lighter relights when you disturb it is that the flame catches the vapour coming from the top of the wick. Once you start to get a feel for this you can invent your own way of causing the lighter to re-light, I personally like setting it on a table and stealing the flame then snapping my fingers while swinging my hand over it.

Others include saying something and giving it a tiny shake or pretend to pop the essence of the flame in your mouth, then slowly bring your hand flat and level with the chimney. Blow gently across your hand and let onlookers be amazed.
<p>If your Zippo lights when you close it, the lighter assembly is up too high. Just push it down every now and then.</p>
the wordage in this article bothered me so much i created an account. you snap your fingers, not &quot;click&quot; them...
I'm guessing we live in different parts of the world... Neither's wrong... <br> <br>As for the unclear thing - I went for simple. Autistic I ain't.
My Dad caught me smoking at age 11, then he bought a pack of cigarettes and made me smoke the whole thing! I got addicted to cigarettes since then! <br>I own, a collection of Zippo lighters. 1 14K Gold , 7 Sterling Silver, 14 brass, 6 Stainless Steel. I have been looking for a copper one.
The black magic trick is amazing!!!!!! :-)
it was better when it was called The Twilight zone... many tricks have names, should have been around a few years ago when zippotricks.com / lightertricks.com was around. nowadays people are just ripping off old tricks as their own
Thanks, its such a cool little effect... It's also really good to play with, like doing it then lighting something by clicking your fingers instead of making a show of the whole trick...
My fingers are too slippery :(<br />
Try to catch your fingers on the edge more, that might help...<br />
if you pull your zippo out of your pocket and roll the striker off your pants it will light up its sweet and if you leave your zippo running for a while it will make a big explosion and your zippo is totaled
how do you do the thing where you flick the top off the lighter and it lights?
this trick was so easy I knew it when i bought the lighter
Ya Ive got my great grand fathers zippo from ww2 its a air force one and he stormed normandy great man.
Nice one, shamefully that one was a present from an ex - interestingly I've found myself relishing the fact that she didn't like me smoking as I light a cig with it more and more amusing...
This one hurts like hell, especially if you do it in the winter time! But it looks really cool though...
22thed I have an awesome zippo and if i close it partially the flame rises four inches above the edge of the lid ill have to post pix. B====D<br/> <br/>
i have a zippo "slim" but i tryed the squeeze and the lid snapped off the hinge.so i tried to loctite it back on, BAD IDEA loctite all over the flint wheel. so 4 months later a get all the loctite off it buy new flints and wick and its all good. but no lid, so again with the loctite but carefully and it works and then i hop on the net and find out i coulda got it fixed for free my zipp inc( or watever) goddamnit ha well ill keep that for future problems
Ah mate this awesome, I've gotta get a zippo now. <br/>ill tell my dad i need it for heat-shrink :D<br/>ill get a blank one then engrave the robot on it !!<br/><br/>5* !<br/>
you could make that into a instuctable.
Cheers smart, I've been getting bored when sitting around and am developing new ones... My blank one will soon look amazing, note the fact it's been sanded... Triple enamel coat of black and a million clearcoats, going to make it look like LG chocolate but blacker, possible with a red detail...
yea lol i noticed the sanding, if you put a red design down before the clear coats that would look awesome ! cant wait to see it !
That's the plane, I'm thinking a simple stripe or shape, not sure what if it's a shape...
you could have KJ thats pretty easy
Aye but, monogrammed and such lighters are very cheesy, I'd rather have a nice design... Maybe even pin stripes... Maybe even a single stripe... or polish a slice of it back up and plate silver to a shine then black everywhere else...
you could use photoshop to mock up some designs, the polishing idea sounds cool too
Racing stripe perhaps?
Maybe something similar to the double wide stripes of ford but in red...
Pretty cool Instructable. I have three: mine, one inherited from pops, and my mom's old USMC one she gave to me to 'complete the set', though none of us smoke (they used to). Here's a question, though: how do you keep the dang things from leaking fluid? I used to carry all the time, but got tired of having to refill it even when I hardly used it, not to mention the chemical burn on my leg.
That's a bit weird, is the inner piece a tight enough fit? Also if the wick isn't wide enough fluid can get out, that's why there are specific wicks for Zippos.<br/><br/>I <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Zippo_Tricks_number_two/">Just finished the second one as well</a><br/>
Thanks for the ideas. I'll have to check them out. I mentioned this to a buddy of mine -heavy smoker, Zippo user- and he told me something I hadn't known. I was filling it too far! The pad at the bottom (top when up-side-down for filling) is a denser material for blocking the fluid. You're supposed to lift that out of the way and fill up. And don't visibly soak the cotton inside, just moisten it well. I had been filling without moving the block and to a point where I'd see the liquid.
Oh right, I didn't think of that issue, I usually manage to poke it through the hole because I don't bother storing flints in there anyway... Well there's now a fair few tricks between the two 'ibles, hopefully enough to keep you busy while bored...
Thanks for the memory. When I was in college many many moons ago, I was nicknamed Vulcan, the god of fire. My main trick was to pull a lit Zippo from my pocket. Used to do a snap to close but holding it by the cap,made more of a noise when it closed. Also, ALWAYS keep a couple of spare flints under the felt pad where you squirt the lighter fluid. I could draw and shoot a Zippo from my watch pocket(remember those) in less than .4 seconds. I still remember getting new innards from Zippo on their lifetime guarantee. Thanks for keeping the tradition alive.
Pretty nice, I'm working on a second one now, it's a pretty fun past time and a good tradition, my Zippo is still one the original innards though the cap pins are going badly. I don't usually pull it from my pocket lit because the flint locks up if you change directions, the other Zippo I have does that just fine...
not a bad job on the basics. id like to see some harder tricks, are you posting a new how to soon?
Yep working on the second one now.
Well done, another 5/5 instructable!
Cheers mate, I'm already making a second one...
Dang I need to get me a Zippo... My pyromaina shan't be complete without one...
I love my zippo, it's just so... Good...
i dont smoke but i found an old zippo. after using your other instrucable about flints and fuel im gonna try these
Cool, have fun.
the flame pinching one...teaches me asaid!!!
Eh? it teaches you...
Awesome!<br/>Quite a few goodies in this -ible KJ..<br/>Was this the &quot;secret&quot; or is there another more secrety than this?<br/><br/><sub><sup><sub>trio</sub></sup></sub><br/>
There are two more secret project, the one I told you about and the other secret. <br/><br/><sup>Cannae, job interview in morning hitting the hay...</sup><br/>
what about my secret beer 'ible?
Hey I got the pictures, I only have a couple but they're pretty nice, I made a direct wick in to cap version since I was working with the shatterproof stella bottles
no, other beer 'ible. pictures sounds good though...

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