Picture of Basic cheese cakes/pies.
There are several cheesecakes based on cream cheese, Some are baked and some are not. Some are savory and some are sweet. The sky is the limit as far as choices. I have noticed the price of cream cheese has really jumped in price. Sometimes I will just get some milk and make the cheese, Works just as well to make everything from scratch. This does not include fruit pies.

Cooked cheese cakes usually have the same basic ingredients
Cream Cheese (and or other cheeses).

Non-cooked cheese cakes usually have the same basic ingredients and usually chilled.
Whipped cream
Cream cheese. (Some people like to substitute sour cream).
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Step 1: Crust.

Picture of Crust.

1 1/2 to 2 - cups cookies or crackers (We get the cheapest we can get).
1/3 cup sugar (For sweet fillings)
6 (3/4 stick) - tablespoons butter, melted
large plastic bag.
rolling pin.


Put  enough cookies or crackers  in the bag so that there is room for them to move around.
Seal the bag making sure there is not much air left in the bag.
Take the rolling pin and crush the bag.
Pour the crushed items in a bowl.
Add butter (and sugar if make a sweet crust) to make a dough.
Mix well.
Put crust dough and spread evenly in the pan including the sides.
Put in refrigerator to chill and gel.

Note: you can always use a pre-made crust also.