Step 7: Step 7: Overdo it, make sure you're visible

There're the possibility of overdo every step: powerful light systems, bought or home made, make a Christmas-Tree-bike (as seen on http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-Your-Bike-Light-Up-for-Style-and-Safety/#step0), or cover the whole frame on reflective stickys (as seen on http://picasaweb.google.es/pmartinian/Bicicletada_apoyo_Malaya?authkey=YztcC_tBUJY#5269282450764256498). Depends on your shame.
Hycro6 years ago
I've got two powerful lights on the front to see the way, reflectors on my handle bars, bar extensions, one on my antenna, my pedals are fully reflective, my rear fork is fully reflective, and have a 4"x5" plate on the back that's reflective and shows up like a headlight when a car's lights hit it. I've had rear lights before, but they tend to get broken by whatever my tires happen to pick up.
jeff-o6 years ago
Light yourself up like a beacon in the night. "I didn't see you" should never cross a driver's lips!
Mojarrison (author)  jeff-o6 years ago
I'm agree. I almost wear a sport jacket and a gloves with reflective lines.