Basic Mag for a Cannon.




Introduction: Basic Mag for a Cannon.

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I built a cannon that uses a horizontal mag a little while back and decided to destroy it because I want to move on to other things and no one seems to want it, but just wanted to show the method I used in hopes of getting someone else to follow the idea and do a better job. It fires a unique round, and fires them well. I tried to build a Brute Shot out of it, but it really doesn't look that great lol. I built it as a concept weapon, and hopefully some of you will enjoy it/ use the idea.

Anywho, have a look if you'd like. I post picture details in notes. The basic idea is that a loader blocks the mag, and when it's pulled up, a round slides into the receiver directly below the loader, which is then pushed down into the barrel area while pushing the loader itself down. If you'd like it posted, let me know soon please, because I have a few other projects I'd like to start working on.

EDIT : I'm just going to post it. That way, it's documented, but I can move on lol. Won't be incredibly in depth, but more of an idea- giver.



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    Thank you! I'm finally getting back in the game, lol.

    Our comments were both four minutes apart... o.O also, does subscribing to someone alert you when they post 'ibles? That system was added after I left, lol.

    I love it! This would not have been possible with a traditional mag. Hope you start building again!

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    Thank you! I wanted to build something that forced me to step out of the box. I'm actually working on something as we speak, and it will hopefully be even more creative.

    Great! What is it?

    Lever action...rifle, I suppose? I've seen a couple but none of them actually work like the real mechanism so I'm going for a tube mag that houses shells and uses the lever to chamber one as well as pull the ram back. Quite a task, lol.

    So the lever is the mag? Thats interesting...I had designs for a slide action sling pistol in which the slide was a horizontal mag that used the top of the gun as the bottom wall of the mag, with a slant at the end of the mag so when the mag was pulled back, it would bring the bullet above a hole in the top of the gun and the slant would cause a single shot to load. Unfortunately I never got far with this concept due to my lack of skill with smooth 3-layered guns

    No, the lever controls a tube mag at the front with a lift mechanism, which is the closest I can get to the real thing. And lol, I was actually planning on a slide action sling pistol as well >.> except I was thinking of a handle mag...though that slide idea is way better. I might actually try that instead haha. You're a genius, man.

    Yeah I get what you're saying. I've always wanted to try a lever action (well I do have a forum for one but its a different kind of lever). Heres my idea for the sling gun. I would love it if you could make it work.


    Yeah, I love lever-actions...Though the shell mag dimensions were so inconsistent that I had to drop it in place for the typical connector rounds. And lol, that't pretty much what I thought of when you told me the idea. I already know how to make the ratchet, trigger, sling and slide work because I've got a slide ready, but adding in the ammo will be tricky for sure...hmmm. Looking at that picture, I feel like the pusher in the slide is going the wrong way, because the rounds need to move towards the back in order to keep the slide pullback consistent; or am I looking at it wrong? Because the back of the slide could act as a stop...

    ...never mind! I just got it lol, I was looking at it in reverse. That is a MUCH better idea that what I was thinking of :P What exactly does the longer pusher do, though? I'm trying to figure out how that system ensures the round makes it into the chamber.

    Well I can't show it because it would cover up the ammo, but the mag is 5 layers, with the pusher being connected to two guides that the bullet is loaded in between. Much like the one shown below. Loading was also a problem for me; I was thinking of making the slanted piece lock in and out of place so that it could flip up to reload and then lock back in place to serve its function.


    Okay, I think I understand most of it, but judging by the previous diagram, shouldn't there be something that pushes the round straight down through the gap and into the barrel? Sorry if I'm missing something blatantly obvious lol, I've been really tired the past few days from finishing up school. I will assume control of this project as soon as I finish the rifle, which is coming along rather quickly.

    There is a pusher (green) that will be pushed back by the slide and allow the shot into the first chamber. When the slide is released, the slide will release the pusher, which will load the bullet into the barrel.

    Lol derp, I completely missed that other pusher. I is understand now! Unfortunately I've been set back on my other project and practically had to start from scratch, so it may be a week or two until I can start this. Many apologies!