How to make a pliable fabric “keyboard” (and accompanying glove) that plays tones and lights up when the “keys” are touched

- Felt (8” x 6”, at least)
- LEDs (x5)
- 330 Ohm resistors (x5)
- 10K Ohm resistors (x5)
- Small piezo speaker
- Conductive thread and sewing needle
- Glove
- Sharpie or ball point pen
- Electrical wire, wire strippers, and needle nose pliers
- Arduino Uno

Step 1: Draw the Circuit

1. Copy the circuit pattern (below) onto the back of the felt using the sharpie/pen. Feel free to adjust dimensions or rearrange “wires” as desired to create different designs. (note: the mirror pattern will be on the front of the keyboard, so remember to reverse items if you wish to copy the pattern directly)
i am able to get static out of the speaker and i am able to get 3 of the five lights to go on when i touch their individual "keys" but i cannot get a tone out of the speaker...can you help me?
fjlsaiole: thanks for posting your work and providing a start for more applications of the soft circuit keyboard. I'd love for my Arduino to teach me a song.

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