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Do you have lots of small clutter on your desk at work or home? Do you only have regular printer paper and no origami or newspaper? Well, this tutorial shall you help you fix that problem. All you need are the following supplies:

- Paper (One 6x6 and one regular piece)

- Scissors

- Glue

- Pen or Pencil

Once you have all those materials, you can begin your basket.

Step 1:

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For this first step, you'll need the 6x6 and the pen/pencil.

Draw lines on the 6x6 paper at 2" and 4". Turn your paper 90° and do the same.

The paper should be spilt up into 9 squares.

Step 2:

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Cut the lines 2" deep at the 2 and 4 inch lines.

Do the same on the opposite side of the paper.

Step 3:

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Cut the two outside centre squares into a triangle.

Cut the sides of the paper into 3 pieces.

(Don't cut the paper to far)

Step 4:

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Using glue, attach the first strip of paper on each side together.

Keep adding each strip on top of one another until all strips have been connected.

Do this onto both sides of the basket.

Step 5:

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Glue each triangle on top of the strips of paper on it's respective side.

Step 6:

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Cut 2 1" circles out of paper.

Glue those circles onto the sides of the basket.

Step 7:

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Cut a half by 6" sheet of paper.

Attach each end of the paper to the circles to each end of the basket.

Step 8: The Basket Is Completed!

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The basket is completed!

Feel free to add any patterns or colours to make this basket, your basket.

I hope this tutorial was helpful and showed you how to make a small basket of little to no expensive cost. Thank you for reading and using this.



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