Picture of Basketball hoop from bicycle parts
hoop bike.png
Fairly easy way to recycle an old bicycle. See more inventions on http://www.uptimal.com

Step 1: Detach parts from Bicycle

Picture of Detach parts from Bicycle
Simply detach all cables and loosen all bolts to separate the necessary parts. Adjust the handlebar for proper angle. Attach it to a large piece of wood with U-bolts and voila!

1. Rotate the handlebar so the hoop is horizontal after removing the fork from the frame
2. then position the rim
krode7 years ago
You have GOT to add a net using bicycle chain! :)
DavidA14 krode8 months ago


DavidA148 months ago

this would be great. Am going to do it for science project

love the idea i just so happen to have an extra bike laying out back.
MJTH6 years ago
Its a good idaea. but the hoop looks a bit small. A real size basketball hoop is big enough to fit two Size 7 Basketballs through it at once.
i made one of these before i even saw this instructable its a great idea only i also made the stand and it was unstable so when it fell the rim got damaged
-jay-mann-7 years ago
that is a realy good idea im guna try it :)