Picture of Basketball hoop
Like basketball & want a hoop? I did but I didn't want to buy one. I looked on instructables only to find there wasn't any. So I made this. It is a fairly cheap way of making a ring especially if you have some stuff lying around.

let's start building.

Please tell me of any spelling or measurement mistakes I have made and I will try to fix them.  

Don't forget to comment & rate.

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Step 1: Forming the ring

Picture of forming the ring
The first thing you'll need is a ring, I made this out of 12mm (1/2inch )rod but it doesn't have to be that size. A standard basketball ring diameter is 450mm (18inches).
to make the ring you'll need something to wrap it around, this should be about 400mm (16inches) as the ring will expand.
I found an old rim the right size but you may need to cut a disc out of wood. once you have your former clamp it to the bench.
As shown in pic 2 put another clamp just away from the former with the rod in between.
as shown in pic 3 slowly pull the rod around, once you have the rod pulled right around and overlapped cut the straight ends off.
use a bar clamp to squeeze the ends together, then weld it together
to finish it off put the ring on the ground and bash it flat.

Step 2: Ring frame

Picture of ring frame
bend a piece of flat metal, mine is 4mm (0.16inches) thick.
weld it to the flat spot in the ring.
cut two rods 320mm (12.8inches) long.
weld them as shown in the picture.
drill four hole to the size of the bolts you have avaliable.

If you want a netball ring you can just bolt this to a post and ignore the rest of the steps.

fraser021 month ago

divide you ring...You said to inform you if we found any spelling mistakes, and that's a very minor one.

Awesome hoop, thanks for the inspiration.

MohamedM111 months ago

thanks a lot every thing nice and simple .

edoardo_or1 year ago
Excellent work!!
super awesome!
jackowens2 years ago
This is amazing! I just need to borrow a welder, I definitely want to make one of these.
Satosh2 years ago
Can you plz tell me were did you bought your wood and what kind of wood is it plz tnx
Thanks for posting this!!! What kind of pipe stock can be used? I want to make a mounting ring for my Weber Smokey Joe.
fishgish5095 years ago
THIS is why I subscribed
lemonie5 years ago
Very nice & tidy job.

i just taped a bunch of bent-up coat hangers to a ladder
zieak5 years ago
Nice job!