Picture of Baskets for Mom
These canvas baskets are really pretty, easy and fun to make, and can be used by Mom for anything! My mom loves them!

Materials needed:

---Canvas (round and rectangular)
---Needle and yarn (any colors)

Step 1: Step 1 - Cutting

Picture of Step 1 - Cutting
Cut a rectangular piece of canvas of a width of about 3", ensuring that lengthwise, it perfectly encircles the circle-shaped canvas (if it doesn't, trim it a little bit!)
HeartFlower (author) 6 years ago
Thanks everyone! :-)
h236 years ago
Angelique176 years ago
This piece is an extraordinary way to gift out and give a sense of equanimity to friends. Exceptionally cool! I’ll bet there’re many unheard-of ways to get this pattern to move hearts! Bravo!
twinkathy6 years ago
Very PRETTY colorful baskets that look handy as well!
marybear6 years ago
I love them.
sdude1016 years ago
Simply Fantastic
bariw7866 years ago
Thats amaaaazing!
Just Amazing
pnelsen6 years ago
These can be used for a lot of things. I think they are so cute.
I've always wanted to use canvas. I keep looking at it and fretting about it. But this looks really easy! :)