Introduction: Bass Fishing Tactics

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Bass fishing is a big sport and can be tricky to do sometimes so here are some of my favorite tactics and thing i think would work well hope these help

Step 1: What You Need

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What You will need can be as complicated as you can make it so here are some of the basics that you need pole
2.rubber net
4.body of water
5.boat (optional)
Like I said you can get as complicated as you want

Step 2: Bait/tackle

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You want to have many baits and tackles and many colored and size so here are some that work for me
.hula poppers
.twister tails
.jitter bugs

Step 3: Casting

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Casting is the most common thing to do in bass fishing and it works well if you have the right baits and know how to play the fish so here are some tips.
You want to play the fish like not just casting and reeling in but casting and doing little jerks and quick reeling and slow reeling to get attention from the fish my favorite bait to use for casting is spinners they seem to work really well

Step 4: Trolling

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You don't troll for bass very often but some times it works really well if you are fishing in the right locations and using the right baits so this is how you do it.
You want to find a area with lily pads and weeds and you can troll your baits right on the outside of those weeds and lily pads and use your favorite lure.

Step 5: Sight Fishing

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Sight fishing is where you are going around shallow water and you want to look for the bass lying on the bottom and you want to cast in front of them and reel your lure about a foot in front of there head and do it reel slow so you get there attention and do a couple of fast jerks to and that all there really is to it

Step 6: Frog Fishing

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Frog fishing is pretty simple you just want to have a rubber frog and cast it on lily pads and you want to jerk it like a frog hopping and that's about it.

Step 7: Good Luck

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Good luck and that's about it and have fun hope you enjoy I will be righting many more fishing tips so please check out my page


lilchumy (author)2014-09-10

Nice, please check out my guide to fishing ible

huntfish128 (author)2014-01-15

No but you should have one in case you hook a larger fish and you want to catch it

dburlew (author)2014-01-11

you do not need a net

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