Introduction: Bass Fishing Tips

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Step 1: Equipment

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Either a push button or spinner reel
Jigs, lures, flies, live bait, frogs, etc.

Hand line fishing can also be used for bass

Personally, I think jigging for bass is very effective

Frogs are also very effective

Crickets (fake) are awesome

Step 2: Location

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Look for lilly pads, rocks, sticks/trees, or in a shady spot, also under docks

Step 3: Tips

Bass can bite when you are least expecting, one time I caught a bass when I had my line in the water as i was rowing

Bass can be strong, so don't be mad if your line breaks

Jigging is great for shallow waters


JacieT (author)2016-06-07

My dad loves fishing and I want to start fishing with him. I think it would be fun to surprise him by showing that I know a thing or two about fishing. If I show up with a frog for bait he would probably be impressed. Thanks for sharing!

Woodworker_17 (author)2015-03-08

Even though I have never used live mice, live bait works really good.

beegnicoll (author)2015-03-07

I live in Virginia and the best bait I have ever used for big large mouth bass is live mice. Go to the pet store and get about 10 mice for 5 bucks use a treble hook and hook the mouse on it's back. When the bass hits it the hook goes right in.

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