Introduction: Bass Fishing

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Bass fishing is a great sport there is tons of kinds of baits and there is a lot of styles to it and I love bass fishing so here are some tips I hope they help you

Step 1: What You Need

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What you will need
.fishing pole
.tackle box
.body of water

Step 2: Baits Tackle

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There are many types of baits here are a few that work well for me
.texas rig
.jitter bugs
.hula poppers

Step 3: What to Look For

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You want to look for the same things as pike they stay in the same area so lily pads and weeds

Step 4: Good Luck

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I have caught many bass there is not a whole lot to it have fun and good luck


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Bio: I love hunting and fishing and it is my passion comment to tell me what to post next
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