Picture of Bass Master 3000 Carnival Game

The Bass Master 3000 is a game that I built for a work carnival along with a small and very talented team of co-workers.

I've seen this type of game on the net, but I wanted to kick it up a notch with some Arduino powered sensors that would trigger lights and sound when someone wins. What fun is a carnival without lots of noise and lights?

The trick was finding the right kind of sensors for the job. I accomplished this very successfully by using Piezoelectric Sensors to detect impact to a piece of felt. The sensors would not go off with basic back-and-forth motion such as wind or light movement. They required an actual "hit" to be triggered. Two sensors were all that we needed to get reliable coverage for an entire piece of weighted felt. Potentiometers were used to adjust sensitivity.

It works like this: Using a kids fishing pole with a small rubber ball attached, a player must cast the ball into the fish mouth. If they hit anywhere other than the red mouth, nothing happens. When they do hit the red, lights and bells go off.

As an added bonus, a webcam is mounted at the top of the frame. When someone wins, it captures a candid photo. A nearby display has an auto-updating slideshow displaying all winners for the day.

My team consisted of someone to build the frame, someone to paint the tarp, someone to work on the web slideshow, someone to work on the sensors, lights, and bells (me), and someone to help with everything else!

This was relatively easy to build and would be great for any work event or birthday party. It was a huge hit at our carnival! We always had a line of kids and adults waiting try their hand at being the best Bass Master!

This Instructable will show you how to build you own.

Oh, and I decided to enter this in the Epilog Challenge Contest because I could really use a laser cutter! The question isn't "What would I do if I won the laser cutter?", it is "What wouldn't I do if I won a laser cutter?". I would immediately put it to use making laser-cut kits for people to build along with my Instructables. If you think this is worthy, please vote for me in the Epilog and other contests I have it entered in.


Way cool!

siliconghost (author)  craftclarity1 year ago

Thanks! Glad you like it!

This looks so fun!

Thanks! It is a blast! Was one of the most popular games at our work carnival. Not sure who liked it more, the adults or kids!