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Introduction: Bass Guitar Made From Old Water Ski

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here's a #summerhack for you: this is my main axe gigging the northeast shoreline this summer, a bass guitar made from a 1970s wood waterski. i spent less than $50 on components (tuners, pickup, bridge, electronic bits) and the ski was free. a second ski was used to make the fingerboard. the video shows pretty much everything one needs to do to turn just about anything into a bass guitar. the patience part is fast-forwarded through, however ;-) the song we play at the end is an original composition by my four-year-old son. i didn't help. really.

come see it on a beach somewhere near you, or you can also see it in action in my workshop here:

(i wrote that song)

and live this fourth of july on block island here:

(other people wrote all those songs)

thanks for watching!




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    I loved that Jam! Also I used to work at Cypress Gardens Skis so I'm sure I had a hand in building your ski. Best use for a water ski EVER! You made my day!

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    ha ha! awesome. thank you do much!

    thank you fabian. this is still my favorite bass to play ;-)

    be good,

    Definitely understood, but I was mostly commenting on how good you sound with it being fretless. That's tough!