Not only is this my first instructable, but this is also the first Christmas that I have my very own Christmas tree!  I get to decorate it how I want!  My very favorite thing in this world is my cat Neo, but let's not get into that!  A close second is Batman :) So I had this idea to go along with a black tree of course!  Now typically one would put a star or angel on the top of their tree.  Maybe a Mario star perhaps.  Not me, I took things that I had sitting around and made a bat signal tree topper!  That's right!  I have now a very geeky Christmas tree complete with bat signal, and I'm going to show you how you can too!!  It's very easy, so you don't need to have andruino skills, of which I myself lack.  So have fun and hope you enjoy my instructable!

Things you'll need:
Lava Lamp (does not need to be working)
Nightlight or other form of LED (I found blue works the best)
Pliers or wrench
Extension Cord
Spray paint for looks
Cardboard or other thick paper
Small amount of tape

Step 1:

Alright.  We are going to take an old lava lamp and tear it down.  It does not need to be working, but it should probably be one you no longer need unless you feel like doctoring it back together after Christmas.

Take the glass lava part off and save it however you like.  Remove the light bulb and get ready to dismantle.
Now this is just plain fun, but poor Batman would never get to open gifts because he would think he's constantly getting paged!
Nice idea! It' so simple too, you could project anything!

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