Picture of Bat-Shelf
15 - hung onsite.jpg
16 - hung front view.jpg
Batplaque hung.jpg
This was a custom ordered shelf for two roommates who love Batman, and a personal favorite to work on.

In fact, I liked the final result so much that I made myself a plaque in the shape of the shelf to hang on my wall, as a tribute.  


large piece of 3/4" plywood 
dry wall screws
wood glue
paint (black)
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Step 1: Draft it out

Picture of Draft it out
2 - template.jpg
This project needs to at least a little thought through in order to come out with a good result.  I drew up a quick sketch and approximate dimensions that would be realistic.  As a template, I used the most recent Batman movie bat signal design (from Dark Knight), because of the flat wings.  

I found a picture of the symbol online, photoshopped it, blew it up to scale, and printed it out on multiple pieces of paper, and taped them together, and then taped that to the plywood.

(I attached the template that I used)

Step 2: Cut it out.

Picture of Cut it out.
4 - shelf supports.jpg
Once the first bat-symbol was cut out, I traced it onto the plywood to get the second cut out, and cut that out with my jig-saw as well.  I also cut out the two 90 degree supports, which are 4" long/wide, with an approximated curve.

Take care to cut around the bat ear parts, or else one of them can easily be severed.

NOTE: For building the plaque, just cut out one bat symbol, and follow steps 3, 4, and 7.

Step 3: Sand it down.

Picture of Sand it down.
After I cut everything out, I clamped the two bat symbols together in order to evenly sand down the edges, for which I used both sand paper and files.

For the surfaces I used my power sander, using first 120, and then 220 grit.

You have to chose here which bat will be mounted to the wall, and which will be the horizontal shelf part - the horizontal one should be sanded more on the edges because it will be facing people who pass by (Batman wouldn't want anyone to lose an eye...)
tastone222 made it!7 months ago

These that I make in my shop are 56" in width, so just a little longer than what you have posted and 5" deep...awesome project.

Pecheck1 year ago

The title is wrong, it should read: Na na-na Na na-naaa....... BAT SHELF!!!!

josezotta2 years ago
It´s very good!!!
neetz2 years ago
I am definitely going to make this!!
neetz2 years ago
I am definitely going to make this!!
pegasos2 years ago
nice!!! only your template doens't work...
guyzo35 (author)  pegasos2 years ago
I tried fixing it, but Instructables isn't letting it update or become available. Oh well, here's the image you can just copy into Word and resize yourself: http://i.imgur.com/m7jEW.png
lpolonsky3 years ago
Super excited to make this! Thanks for all the instructions!
StoryAddict4 years ago
Suh-weet. I've been wanting to make drawer-pulls for my handle-less filing cabinet and charging station for like, a year, but I'll definitely have to add this to the set! AWESOME.
afreeland5 years ago
Excellent idea and definitely looks pretty freaking sweet!
Ward_Nox5 years ago
does it hold nachos? google "batman, nachos" if you didn't get it