So all the Batman fans out there know that if you need Batmans help then you need a bat symbol to get his attention. So lucky for you I have played around with a few ideas and have found a simple and quick solution.


A Flashlight
Thin Cardboard such as a cereal box
Black sharpie (Optional)
Access to the internet and printer
A dark room or closet

Step 1: Find a symbol template

So use google to look up picture of bat symbol or bat symbol templates. I found one, tested out a few sizes and printed it just to make sure. Play around with image sizes in a software such as Microsoft Word. I will attach my document to this step if you would like to try any of those.
IS see that small yellow.
Hey This is my make - http://www.instructables.com/id/Batman-Projector/ you copy that.
Fun! It looks like it works really well :)

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