Step 10: Fill Holes and Sand

Mount the drum in your steel stand using something other than the bolts you intend to use so that you don't paint into the threads.  You're mounting it so that you can get access to all sides of it. Put washers on both sides of both the frame and the drum so as to less damage anything when rotating the drum.

Use wood filler or putty to fill in the divits made by staples in the MDF, the joints between MDF sheets, and small spaces between the MDF skin and the rings. Fill up those bits with putty, let it dry, and sand it smooth. Just a single sanding should be fine; you'll cover it with a very thick paint later.
&quot;Out of the sarcophagus and back into the saddle.&quot; <br>(and what a cool saddle indeed!!!!!)
That is a fantastic quotation! (And thanks)
great project:D
Great job, well-documented. I bet if you put a light source in the bottom (one that produces very little heat) you could have a nice little conversation piece when not in use, too.
Hey, thanks for the encouragement! I'm looking forward to a non-lurking existence!
Holy smokes! Way to enter in with a bang! Amazing first project! Looking forward to future instructables from you!
LURK NO MORE!!! This is such a cool project, what a great 'ible! I would love to make this for my den or some such application.
ow this would be cool hey seen spidermans

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