Are you a Bruce Wayne on a budget with a crime to fight? If you have a few used up saw blades lying around, you can take grinder in hand and make yourself a few batarangs as you contemplate darkness, no parents, continued darkness, and more darkness.

This project assumes you don't have a metal bandsaw, plasma, laser or waterjet cutter, heat vision or any other method that makes hand cutting metal with a grinder obsolete. (We've been known to laser cut a throwing star or two.) The pleasure of this project is making something by hand.

Note: These can be made to be very sharp, so don't throw them at anyone. Cutting and throwing metal can be dangerous. Protect yourself. At a minimum, you should wear goggles. We wear full face shields whenever we work with the grinder or cut-off wheels, because although it's horrible to lose an eye, it's equally horrible to have a broken cut-off wheel fly into the side of your face. When we fight for justice, we wear spandex.

Step 1: Create Your Outline

I drew the outline in Illustrator using an image of the bat symbol from the Batman Begins logo. The ears are a little more pointy than they are on the one Bale makes in the movie, but if you read the excellent The Dark Knight Manual (a must-read for any Batman fan), you'll learn that each batarang was handmade for a different purpose.

Alternatively, you could draw something completely unrelated to a batarang and make a dogarang or a catarang. Whatever your superhero heart desires. There's plenty of room in the JLA for everyone.

If you want to make a batarang, I've included a PDF of the outline I created. Size it to whatever you like. We've made 4", 6" and even 7" batarangs. You're only limited by the size of your donor sawblade (and your skill with a cutoff wheel).

<p>Great Instructable! Love<br>the nod to safety. A few years ago I myself cut out some different<br>batarangs using similar techniques, which you can see from the photo<br>I posted. The Dark Knight trilogy is my favorite Batman series.</p>
<p>Those look great! The curves are not easy to do!</p>
<p>Nice work. Can you actually throw them?</p><p>I voted</p>
Yes! We've thrown them a bunch.
<p>Of course! They are just like shurikens.</p>
You took the words right out of my mouth.
<p>I always vote for Batman stuff! Great build!</p>
<p>Epic build my friend..!!<br>You just got my vote :) </p>
<p>Thank you! Your Batman wall is fantastic.</p>
<p>Thanks for the tutorial! I made these with my son. I got some 24&quot; sawblades that worked great.</p>
<p>Go big or go home, right?! Those are super impressive, enough for a bat cave.</p>

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