This is an instructable for making a replica of the batarang seen in the game “Batman: Arkham Asylum.” I wanted a batarang that unfolded with an action similar that that in the game. Not counting the cost of the tools, which I had already, and the paint (ditto), the entire project cost me about $17 and took perhaps 10 hours.

Step 1: Tools and Shopping List

I decided to make this prototype batarang out of Plexiglass, because a) it is easy to work b) it has no grain and doesn’t splinter or chip c) it is transparent, which helps with aligning the pieces d) it takes a metallic paint better than wood, and, finally, e) I didn’t have access to a metal-cutting bandsaw. Needless to say, you won’t be knocking any thugs unconscious with this one. You probably won’t be throwing it anywhere, either, unless you want to see your hard work shatter into bits.

Shopping list:

.093”x11”x14” Lexan (or Plexiglass) sheet
Furniture joint connector nut, ¼”-20 thread
¼” x 3/8 flathead machine screw
four neodymium disc magnets .47” x .11” (12mm x 3mm)

Tools required:

Coping saw
Straight and curved files
Power drill
Various drill bits, including a ½” spade woodborer
“Liquid Nails” clear silicone adhesive
Cyanoacrylate superglue
Two part epoxy resin

<p>have you seen this one: </p><p>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkGIr2qUz-4</p>
I really like what you have made and it gave me a huge inspiration to make my own but to make it more 'batsy' I have added bat-ears (I know that in game it was different). Also I made it a bit smaller, beacuse I couldn't get plexi so I made it out of CD and bristol paper. Thanks!
<p>Wow great batarang im thinking of making mine out of CD as well cause im trying to make one out of household items :)</p>
<p>Wow this tutorial is very helpful. Im gonna try to make them out of some CDs i dont need anymore. Most of the posts with pics of the ppls batarangs have inspired me. Thanks for the tutorial!</p>
<p>Hello, I cannot find the template on this page, I don't suppose you could send it to me? Please PM me back. Thanks.</p>
<p>The template should be visible on step 2. I'm sorry I don't have the original file anymore.</p>
Hmm. Well, that's a pain. I can't see it on the step. I don't suppose anyone else has the template who could send it to me? Thanks.
<p>made it out of wood, a smaller magnet, and a screw. Thanks for the tutorial. i was able to make them relatively easily as a result. </p>
I am working on a &quot;real&quot; steel one now. The only hold up is the center nut and bolt. It must have some friction or a locking position. I am testing various hardware options right now. Will post a prototype as soon as I am done. Thanks for the idea!
great ible my friend but may i ask for a link to a website you may know for cheap lexan? see i am from australia and im finding it hard to track some down
Funnily enough, I am Australian too. But I live in the USA, and I bought my sheets of plastic product at Home Depot. That chain spread to Oz, didn't it? I would try there.
He said&quot; I'm an Australian, making a movie in Australia, called Australia &quot; Hugh Jackman.
ok then i shall look around. hopefully i can find some thanks :)<br>it really bugs me that alot of my creating and modding work is halted because i need to track down products that are so easily accessible in the us
I know, exactly. But I'm sure I bought perspex in Australia about 10 years ago, and not online... wish I could remember where.
I like the folding concept. I just made a Real Steel Instructable version before seeing yours! Now I will try your folding type. Looks cool ! Thanks for the idea!
So cool! I plan on trying to make some over the summer.
I finished a while ago but never got around to uploading some pics so...
it is amazing. I have one question what are the sizes?
See comments below for more details.
i cannot seem to be able to cut the sheet without some real rough edges. im using lexan not plexiglass and im cutting with a coping saw with a fine blade i really need some help.
Sorry you're having trouble! I haven't used lexan so i don't know if it's harder to cut, but I know when I did it the edges were very rough too and I spent a lot of time cleaning them up with a fine file.
thanks. I've gotten past that now and i was wondering if there were other names for the connector nut. i don't think its called that where I'm from. (South Africa)
I have heard furniture connectors are also called chicago screws, screw posts, or (and no, I'm not kidding) sex bolts. Don't know what you'd call them in SA though...
Also see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sex_bolt
Can you please make me 1, I tried and failed :-) :-)
hi there's a chance you can send me your vector template please ? thanks :)
Do you have any rough dimensions for it? such as the height and length of the blades?, i printed out your template and made a card version and i found it so be a little on the small size, a rough idea on how big yours is would make it alot easyer to scale the drawing up. thanks
I'm traveling right now - can i get back to you on this in a couple of weeks?
sure, im in no particular hurry
Okay, the base (tip to tip, widest point) is 10&quot; (255mm). The individual blades from top tip to base tip are 4.75&quot; (120mm). I think I made it a little small too. Unfortunately I don't have my original plans any more. Hope this helps!
made a cardboard prototype for my battle ready version, i found that if you place two smaller magnets towards the tips of the blades, when they meet they lock it closed so it dosent swing open unwantedly, a side effect is that if you flick it open with your fingers it moves with the speed as if its sprung loaded. could be somthiing for you MK2
Great idea!
can you make me one? i don't have the skills for any of this :) <br>
hi can anyone tell me how to download the pdf?
What did you use for the &quot;cap&quot; that hides the screw?
I think it was the plastic pourer from a soy sauce bottle.
This is pretty cool! And better yet, it translates into instructions for making almost any retractable throwing-blade type thing (ninja stars, batarangs, etc etc) for a costume :D
One could even make a Bird-a-rang (Robin's version) if they wanted to.
Be sure to check for protective sheets of plastic before one transfers the pattern to the plexi-glass.
Very true. I made that mistake the first time around.
Thanks looks amazing! <br>
im looking at coil springs from knives and stuff so it will whip out and stuff but u would have to use a stronger material probably
dude i like it you should make steel one!
yeah, I agree. but, how to install the magnet on the metal?
ya , isn 't there another stronger substance
kydex but its pretty expensive
I wish the one I got with the collector's adittion opened like that

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