Batch File - Numeric password cracker for “Rar” File

Picture of Batch File - Numeric password cracker for “Rar” File
Hello, Here is another batch file which can crack password of Rar File. You can easily use it to crack any rar file password.
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Let's Start.
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Step 1: Open Notepad

Picture of Open Notepad
Open your Notepad [Start >> Run >> Type ”Notepad” >> Enter]
JuanitaP12 months ago

Download Winrar Password Remover Hacks Free Working Here:

mcaptainx3 months ago

What about mixed with alphabet and special char's

JavedIsaac4 months ago

Nice brother it working

_Faceless_5 months ago

How do i find a filename and path?

errorcode401 (author) 1 year ago
Thanks for your Support guys. Dont forgot to like our facebook page :

please if you have any good program that can find or remove the RAR password so send on my email ( or on facebook (khairuddinyousufi) thank you ...

please if you have any good program that can find or remove the RAR password so send on my email ( or on facebook (khairuddinyousufi) thank you ...

adil.sappal5 months ago

Hello Bro MY process goes well till step 5

but after that password is not coming

there 1 0 s display is there

i had waited for 15 mints but the ressult was same

soapsnakes1 year ago

I created a rar password of "123". How come this is taking so long?

spotdemo41 year ago
LAWL there is no CMD command called UNRAR. Just put the command "pause" after all the 0's and 1's to see what I mean.
errorcode401 (author)  spotdemo41 year ago
Hi spotdemo4, There is two type of commands
1) Internal (reside in COMMAND.COM)
2) External (The external commands are files that do reside on disk and have an extension of .COM, .EXE, or .BAT)

So UNRAR is command of winrar software. you can see check it at "C:\Program files\winrar"
There is one file namely "unrar.exe" which is external command.

If you need help for this command then set path using the following command
set path="c:\program files\winrar"
then type "help unrar"
Note, don't use `set path=C:\program files\winrar` as that will make it lose all other file paths. Instead use `set path=%path%;C:\program files\winrar` as that will work fine and allow you to use other command line extensions.
errorcode401 (author)  Monacraft1 year ago
Hello Monacraft, I know that thing. I used it for particular program only. This path will remain until this program close.
xyndaen1 year ago
good but not enough. is there any limitation to crack numeric password?

why do not you try to add other combinations except the numeric ones?

it seems like you will only add more code after the numeric code you entered.
errorcode401 (author)  xyndaen1 year ago
hi xyndaen, ya its not enough. And environment variable of batch can take upto 32767(aprox. Not sure) character. So this is limitation. i am trying to create program to crack every possible character (alpha,special,numeric). It is coming soon.
You should learn C# or C++. It will allow you to take this thing much further. And then you can publish a single exe file which can be treated as a command.
errorcode401 (author)  Monacraft1 year ago
I dont have to learn it because i have knowledge about that programming language. :)
Monacraft1 year ago
You know, there is a much faster way for doing this. The average computer can handle say 50 cmd windows. If you made a master window which opened 50 other minor windows (hidden from users view) each one could increment the number they start with by 50, and each one could be started with a number from 1 to 50. It would make it much more faster. (Not 50 times faster since opening up all the windows with a specific command will take some time as well.)
errorcode401 (author)  Monacraft1 year ago
Ya Thats good idea. It is similar like thread. I will sure try it.