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Whats up guys? Its candycane and i just wanted to show you guys my menu with a working log-in system. This has fully working functions but the main reason i am putting this file up is so you guys can edit and play with it in however way you want. Have fun!!!


BIG shout out to CaptainSkyverse for all the work cleaning up and adding some more features!!!!


Step 1: Hello Guys :D

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This is what the Folder will look like.

Step 2: Main

Picture of Main

This is the main page where you can log-in or do other stuff.

Step 3: Log-in

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This is the main log-in of the file. The "Admin" password is admin.

When you want to change admin password then you have to change the part where it says "admin" to whatever you want.

if "answer"==admin goto "adminmenu"
IF not %answer%==admin goto "wrongpassword"

Step 4: Admin Log-in

Picture of Admin Log-in

This picture shows what it looks like when you successfully log-in to the admin section.

Step 5: Admin Menu Page 2

Picture of Admin Menu Page 2

This is what the second page of the admin menu looks like. I added my text to speech, colors, and BUBBLES :D

Step 6: Editing

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Okay guys when your editing this file make sure that everything is linked together right or it might not work. What i mean by this is say if you edit the name of a section like :"menu" to :"blah" then you have to make sure that all the goto's that are supposed to go back to "menu" say "blah" and not menu. Anyways guys i hoped you enjoy this file and i hope you give me credit where credit is due :D

Edit: I almost forgot you might have to change the paths to the folder. example: change "C:\Users\003018\Desktop\CandyV1" to "C:\Users\YourUser\Desktop\CandyV1"


Jaxon0077 (author)2014-12-17

Haha very nice, a while a go I made a batch menu very similar. There always fun when you have nothing to do or your just playing around. good job

Candy Cane (author)Jaxon00772014-12-18

Thanks i really appreciate it :D

CaptainSkyverse (author)2015-02-12

thought I would let you know I changed my username

Yeah it took me a second to notice.

CaptainSkyverse (author)2015-02-12

Candy Cane were you planing on putting Flappy Bird in the program because I found this piece of code in the code:



start C:\Users\003018\Desktop\CandyV1batch\Extras\flappybird.bat

goto "normalmenu"

if so I found a Flappy Bird game made in Batch on the internet with download I could add to the program.

Yes, originally I had the batch flappy bird game in candyv1 but removed it for a reason that I don't remember. I would appreciate it if you added it back in. :)

CaptainSkyverse (author)2015-02-10


For the paths to the folder couldn't you do: %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\CandyV1

yeah that should worl

Candy Cane (author)Candy Cane2015-02-11


CaptainSkyverse (author)2015-02-10

Candy Cane I can clean up the code like paths and other things to make the code neater and fix things still probably need looked at but I'll do the best I can the private message you the code.

Alright that sounds amazing you can give yourself credit in the credits menu and ill repost the cleaned up version and give you credit. Thanks c:

CaptainSkyverse (author)2015-02-10

For the paths to the folder couldn't you do: C:\Users\%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\CandyV1

Candy Cane (author)2015-01-12

I'm looking for someone to clean up some of the code and organize it. I would really appreciate it if someone messaged me :D

Candy Cane (author)2014-12-17

I hope you guys enjoy!!!

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