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This is my quite pointless movie of two stickmen.
This is my first instuctable so please be nice! :P

I will include the file in the next step so this 'ible will be short.

Step 1: What Bits of the Code Do...

@echo off >>this hides the rubbish-y stuff which messes up everything
echo >>anything after the word echo will be displayed on the screen.
pause >nul >>this hides the bit that says "Press Any Key To Continue..."

Step 2: Open the .txt Document and Save It!

***Open the file below and do the above steps***

OK, do what the title says and click on the bit that says "text document *.txt" and change it to "All files"

Now save it as:
(Without the star)

Step 3: Finished!

Now just find where you saved it and watch away!!

At the end of the movie it has some things which i added. Keep them is you want!!

Thanks for veiwing my instructable!!
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VirusBoy (author)2010-02-23

Its alright :P

andrwcarling123 (author)2009-08-06

hey, nice job i guess, i have made a few movies, rather longer, lol like 2,000+ lines of code, thanks for the frame delday command i didnt know about it. i would post my movie code but ya know 2,000+ lines so i guess not. thanks

can you msg the file to me or something?

will421 (author)2009-05-05

Woh!!! Not too many labels if you want everyone to be able to watch it.

matrix828 (author)will4212009-05-06

huh? what do you mean labels? on the movie, or the 'ible??

will421 (author)matrix8282009-05-07
Like this:

@echo off:LABELecho Hi.goto LABEL

:LABEL is what I mean. When I ran this with XDOSEMU it said some thing like:

Cannot find label :CHECKFRAMECannot find label :CHAP01Cannot find label :CHECKFRAMECannot find label :CHAP01Cannot find label :CHECKFRAMECannot find label :CHAP01Cannot find label :CHECKFRAMECannot find label :CHAP01Cannot find label :CHECKFRAMECannot find label :CHAP01Cannot find label :CHECKFRAMECannot find label :CHAP01...

See what I mean?
matrix828 (author)will4212009-05-08

it needs the lables

will421 (author)matrix8282009-05-28

Ummm... You might be making Linux users cry...(!)

will421 (author)matrix8282009-05-26

Wait... There isn`t a :CHECKFRAME! XDOSEMU cried wolf!!!

J-Manoo7 (author)2009-04-21

cool, i had a question about the code: what does exit /b do??

matrix828 (author)J-Manoo72009-04-25

i cant remember, i made this a long time ago, but dont remove it, it is important!

will421 (author)matrix8282009-05-07

Not really if you take out the /B.

will421 (author)will4212009-05-07

Take out exit /b between the frames out or it won`t work (well).

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