I made this notepad thing because .. well. I had nothing to do.
i know you can get the dos editing thing but i still wanted to make my own version.

all it does is lets you name and make a file.
thats about it lol.

please tell me if you find any bugs..

also ask :
For a more up to date bug free version of this. . . . Thanks erikals =D

And please comment.

Step 1: How You Name Your File

The first thing you can do is name it .. so I'll so you how that works...

it asks you to name your file eg. hello.txt , .bat whatever and then once you have named it lets say .. hello.txt it changes the title to 'hello.txt - iRule Notepad' and it also changes the bit thats always at the top .. so now when you edit the text it will save it as 'hello.txt'

all i used to so this was:

set /p name=">"
title %name% - iRule Notepad

and thats all it took!

Step 2: Adding Text

The next thing you can do it add text ... to do this you just type '123loltestwhatever' whatever you want and it will make a file called 'whatever you named it' then to add a new line you press enter as many times as you want although you cannot use the symbols < > | because they are used for batch commands it is annoying when say your making a .bat file and you want 'echo 123>123.bat' but you will have to find a way around that.

to make it save all it took was one like of coding:

echo %content%>>%name%

and to write the content all it was:
set /p content=">"

Step 3: Edit a Document That Already Exists

on the options screen when you press 0 all it does is takes you to the batch editor witch is a really rubbish editing thing but it uses batch thats why i linked to it in my notepad...

all this took was:

set /p edit=">"
edit %edit%

you can download my natepad compiled as an .exe or .bat if you want to messaround with it =]
Take out the .itsa so it looks like iRule Notepad.exe or .batnot .itsa
<p>How do you set your text color to that bright green?</p><p>i only know</p><p>color3</p>
<p>it won't allow me to run the .exe version on my computer!</p><p>Its running: Windows 10</p><p>Could help?</p>
<p>can you make a batch file that can find text in notepad and copy it to another new notepad</p>
You realise you can do this ENTIRE thing in 10 lines? <br>Next time try using: <br>Copy con %file% <br>And tell the user to end the editing session by &quot;Ctrl + Z&quot;
The file types drive Linux crazy!!
Can you give it like ?????.exe, ?????.bat, ?????.vba, etc?
Here's the copy of all the code (NOTE this message is 3 years late!!!!) <br> <br>@echo off <br>color 0a <br>set name=United <br>title %name% - iRule Notepads <br>:options <br>cls <br>echo ________________________________________ <br>echo. <br>echo iRule Notepad <br>echo ________________________________________ <br>echo - %name% <br>echo. <br>echo Press 0 to edit a document that already exists. <br>echo Press 1 to edit the name of your document. <br>echo Press 2 to edit the contents of your document. <br>echo Press 3 for help. <br>echo Press 4 to exit. <br> <br>set /p you=&quot;&gt;&quot; <br>if %you%==1 goto 1 <br>if %you%==2 goto 2 <br>if %you%==3 goto help <br>if %you%==4 goto 4 <br>if %you%==0 goto 0 <br> <br>cls <br>echo ********************************* <br>echo sorry invalid number! <br>echo ********************************* <br>ping localhost -n 2 &gt;nul <br>goto options <br> <br>:1 <br>cls <br>echo ________________________________________ <br>echo. <br>echo iRule Notepad <br>echo ________________________________________ <br>echo - %name% <br>echo. <br>echo Name Your Document .. eg. 'hello.txt' or 'hello.bat' <br>set /p name=&quot;&gt;&quot; <br>title %name% - iRule Notepad <br> <br>goto options <br> <br>:2 <br>cls <br>echo ________________________________________ <br>echo. <br>echo iRule Notepad <br>echo ________________________________________ <br>echo - %name% <br>echo. <br>echo To add another line to your text press enter .. To stop editing press the big <br>echo red X in the corner of this screen. <br>echo. <br>echo Cannot use symbols:&quot; &gt; &lt; | &quot; lol if you use any of them 3 symbols it closes! <br>echo. <br>set /p content=&quot;&gt;&quot; <br>echo %content%&gt;&gt;%name% <br>cls <br>echo Save Successful! <br>ping localhost -n 2 &gt;nul <br>goto 2 <br> <br>:help <br>cls <br>echo ________________________________________ <br>echo. <br>echo iRule Notepad <br>echo ________________________________________ <br>echo - %name% <br>echo. <br>echo If you are having trouble with iRule Notepad please pm me in instructables ... <br>echo Also please tell me what you think =] <br>echo. <br>pause <br>goto options <br> <br>:4 <br>cls <br>echo. <br>echo. <br>echo. <br>echo. <br>echo. <br>echo. <br>echo. <br>echo. <br>echo __Made by iRule_________________________ <br>echo. <br>echo iRule Notepad <br>echo ________________________________________ <br>echo Please tell me what you think =] <br>ping localhost -n 5 &gt;nul <br>exit <br> <br>:0 <br>cls <br>echo ________________________________________ <br>echo. <br>echo iRule Notepad <br>echo ________________________________________ <br>echo - %name% <br>echo. <br>echo Type in the name eg. 'hello.txt' or 'hello.bat' <br>echo The file has to be in the same directory as my notpad! <br>set /p edit=&quot;&gt;&quot; <br>edit %edit% <br>goto options <br>
What, oh come one! As soon as I make my &quot;Document Creator&quot; I start seeing that everyone all ready beat me too it... <br> <br>Oh well, good work. <br> <br>P.S: Add more features to it.
Here's a batch file notepad I made a a long time ago:<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://jakashthree.googlepages.com/notepadbatchfile">http://jakashthree.googlepages.com/notepadbatchfile</a><br/>
you know ur stuff<br /> ive had 2 switch 2 windows recently because my iMac G3 refused to start up anymore :(
cool batch ... btw soz if this is rip off of your notepad.
can someone plz tell me the script for this with no words in between plz?<br />
i'm sending u a pm<br />
I've taken the batch notepad and updated it: New features: Fixed a few minor bugs i had like if your file didnt exist (u were just typing in the file name) it would loop back and ask you for another file name Also typing a dos path to a new file opens the file in dos edit in the path you wanted, not programmed though. Added file existence code, if your file existed in a path, you would be asked to type a new file name. That's mostly it, pm me if you want the source. Great instructable. Keep up the good work.
Thanks, sounds good, i never got round to that =] pm me file please.<br/>
I found how to pm someone, but cant send a file. How do I?
I'll send file soon.
Three things: 1) What does this do? "ping localhost -n 2 >nul" 2) I am trying to create a batch file that a) includes code for another batch file in the scripting and b) will install said code on the computer as a batch file. Can your program do this? If so, how? 3) How do you turn a .bat file into an .exe?
1) the ping <strong>localhost -n 2 &gt;nul</strong> makes the batch sleep ... for 2 secs<br/>2)yes it can .. if im right then you want a bat file to make another with a sertain code in it?<br/>well my thing can do this but all you need is:<br/><strong>echo <em>yourcode</em>&gt;&gt;<em>new</em>.bat</strong><br/>what that will do is were your code is it will save that into the name of the new bat wich is new .. you can change both of them .. but this only adds one line you need to do this:<br/><strong>echo @echo off&gt;&gt;new.bat</strong><br/><strong>echo color 0a&gt;&gt;new.bat</strong><br/><strong>echo title new&gt;&gt;new.bat</strong><br/>and so on.<br/>3) to turn a batch into an exe you use a compiler .. the one i use is <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.f2ko.de/English/b2e/download.php">here</a> .. just dowload it and use .. no installing =]<br/>hope i helped<br/>
Just to clarify, what I want is this:<br/><br/>@echo off<br/>title Batch Insallation Program<br/>set/p &quot;choose= &gt;&quot;<br/>if %choose%==install goto Install<br/>cls<br/>echo Installation aborted!<br/>pause<br/>exit<br/><br/>:Install<br/>{code(s) that will install the following}<br/>@echo off<br/>color 0a<br/>title New Program<br/>echo It Works!<br/>pause<br/>exit<br/><br/>Of course this is not the program I want to write, but you get the idea.<br/><br/>&gt; Using &quot;echo yourcode&gt;&gt;new.bat&quot; will my new program be accessable only<br/>through command prompt and batch files, or can I access it through an<br/>icon like a .bat created on Notepad?<br/><br/>&gt; A password batch program I found uses &quot;echo set A=%A% &gt;&gt; %TEMP%\pass.dat&quot;<br/>to save a password. Does &quot;%TEMP%\&quot; just create a variable in &quot;pass.dat&quot;?<br/><br/>&gt; Will &quot;ping localhost -n 2 &gt;nul&quot; allow different wait times like<br/>&quot;ping localhost -n 36 &gt;nul&quot;? I've tried using<br/>&quot;PING -n 1 -w 1000 &gt;NUL&quot; but it does not work on my Windows XP.<br/><br/>Sorry to ask for so much info, but I recently learned batch from programs<br/>I copied off Instructables. Thanks for the help.<br/>
lol the ping thing works .. my version .. on my xp and my vista .. but you probely didnt think it did because that would of waited for a hell of a long time...<br/><br/>the make a file thing:<br/>i dont know about the %temp% thing but my way works eg. your example:<br/><br/>:Install<br/>echo @echo off&gt;&gt;new.bat<br/>echo color 0a&gt;&gt;new.bat<br/>echo title New Program&gt;&gt;new.bat<br/>echo echo It Works!&gt;&gt;new.bat<br/>echo pause&gt;&gt;new.bat<br/>echo exit&gt;&gt;new.bat<br/> <sup></sup><sup></sup> didnt know if you wanted that in file but i did anyway because it is not the real one.<br/><br/>that would save them all into a .bat file in the same directory as the file that is making them ..<br/>hope that helped <br/>
It's been a while since I posted anything here, but I veiwed your -ible by mistake, so I thought I'd leave an idea. To get a batch file to wait accurately, use the following script:<br/><br/>@echo off<br/>set/p time=<br/>echo wscript.sleep %time%&gt;timer.vbs<br/>call timer.vbs<br/>ACTION<br/><br/>This tells the batch file to export &quot;wscript.sleep %time%&quot; to timer.vbs, and then call it. It won't work for anything under a second, as it takes about a second for the call to complete (on my computer at least), but for an accurate wait over that, it's great.<br/>
My installation program works thanks to you. Now I'm wondering this: you can introduce info to a file using echo data>>File.file Is there a way to delete lines from a file (echo data<<File.file)? Also, I downloaded the .bat to .exe converter, but I can't get it to work. Any .bat file I try to convert never appears as a .exe anywhere on my computer. Instead my virus protection just discovers a new Trojan Horse.
For the .bat to .exe converter i would use the f2ko one that is what i used but now i have vista and it doesn't work so i have to use the online one. i don't know if there is a way of taking out a command sorry i guess you could just delete the file then make it again without that command in e.g. echo hello>>hello.bat echo hi>>hello.bat del hello.bat echo hi>>hello.bat hope i helpped
I attempted to get my program to install pictures and .exe files, but it wouldn't work, so I tried opening Picture.jpg with NotePad, copying the data into a second NotePad, and then saving the code as new.jpg. Unfortunately, when I tried to open the new image, Windows Picture and Fax Viewer only said "No Preview Available". Is there a way to get this to work?
I tried it and I don't think it works like that because the pictures carry there data as pixels and things not as text .. so what you see in notepad is the best windows can do to make it into a code ... so when you copy the code it doesn't have any pic data with it.<br/><br/>but if you want to install files what I do when I make a program is have my exe/bat file then in a folder in the same directorary then in my install file i have:<br/><strong>copy myfolder\file1.bat C:\hello.bat</strong><br/>then that will rename it to c:<br/>
I finally got the .bat compiler to work. What can be included using the "include file" option and how do I include/use another file in the .exe?
if your using the f2ko compiler then the include file is if you want 2 batch files into 1 exe .. and what do you meen use .. in what way?
i have your 3rd answer<br/><br/>I have a software for that<br/><br/>to download it write this in your browser<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://rapidshare.com/files/210293607/Bat_To_Exe_Converter.exe.html">http://rapidshare.com/files/210293607/Bat_To_Exe_Converter.exe.html</a><br/>
I tried to make a .bat file (failed miserably) I tried to press enter new line and it <em>saved</em> it!<br/>
yer the problem with the batch way of making a file is you can't use multi lines with the set function so soz
Heh I took out the cls and moved the loop and it worked WAY better.<br/>And you know you can <em><strong>add</strong></em> lines to a document if you send the new document contents function to a existing document.<br/>
nice ible, im thinking of putting it into my master archive "Megafile.bat"
cool .. if your going to make a mega file then once you have finished you should compile it =]<br/>
just cheack out my new ible "batch subsystem "MEGAFILE.bat" its filally complete.
lol its cool
Why does it say United? Shouldn't it be Untitled?
yer it probably should lol oh well united is just as good. so what do you think?

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