Step 8: Plumbing the tank

Picture of Plumbing the tank
hole cut in insulation.jpg
Prop up one end of the box underneath the tank support until the tank is at about a 30 degree angle towards the South. Place the tank in the box with the bottom facing up. Rotate it until the 3/4 inch connection closest to the bottom of the tank is pointing upwards. Screw in a 3/4 inch angle pipe here.
Screw the Cold water inlet pipe into the lowest hole in the top of the tank. plug all remaining holes with things removed during the preparing of the tank, the drain cock and pressure release valve work fine.

Again, I need my camera working again before I can show you this part, and it is not easy to describe it without pictures. Forgive me. 

Cut a slot in the bottom of the lower insulation end panel, and drill two holes in the plywood, probably with a hole saw so your piping can get in and out of the box. 
Bosun Rick4 years ago
Why no mention of what you did with the flue pipe that runs up through most gas water heaters? (I  don't think electric heaters have a flue pipe) I would suggest that the flue pipe be blocked off at each end; or have some method of heating it's interior surfaces to aid in the solar heating cycle. Just a thought.