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Hi, this is my instructable on how to create a text loop circuit in command prompt(batch).
If you like, please comment for more cool batch tricks!
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Step 1: Step one

Picture of Step one
What you need:
Computer running windows 95 or later
A brain

Step 2: Let's get started

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Notepad blank.jpg
Firstly, create a new text file by going right click, new text file
Change the name-must be the name.bat
Accept the message box
Right click and go edit.
You should see Notepad.exe open up

Step 3: Creating the file

Picture of Creating the file
Type the first line:

@echo off
title (can be what you like- this is what the file will be called in the title bar)
The title will look something like this

Step 4: The looping

Picture of The looping
Text and loop.jpg
Confirm changes.jpg
Write the next lines:

: a
echo (what you would like to be repeated first)
ping localhost -n (a number, how long it will wait until is shows the next line) >nul
cls (this clears the screen for the next line)
echo (what you want to be repeated after the first line)
ping localhost -n (again a number) >nul
(repeat for as many lines as you want. However, leave out the line that says : a, - that is, don't put it again in the file or it wont work)
When you have all the lines you would like repeated, create this line:
goto a
(now save and exit)

Step 5: Test

Picture of Test
Command and first line.jpg
Click on the file
The command box should open up
In it will be your First line of text, and it will be called whatever your title was
The text will loop continously, with intervals of how long you set it to.

Step 6: Thanks for viewing this instructable

Picture of Thanks for viewing this instructable
Thank you for viewing this instructable. I hope you liked it and please subscribe/comment if you would like more cool batch tricks!
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I no , people think that it is funny to say this is very very very etc repetitive