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This is a batch script pokemon game with a altered story based off of the originsll.

This is a spanish game, meaning you translate a spanish word to fight, but most of the words were not put in.

This was originally made for my spanish class .

Just click on the file, SP.bat, copy the text, past it into notepad, and save it as SP.bat.


TheSamuraiEater (author)2014-06-26

awesome game would have been usefully a year ago now I need to find one for German. should add an option to name your starter or even catch some new ones

funlunde (author)TheSamuraiEater2014-06-27

It was intended for a game for class, so catching pokemon was never considered.

funlunde (author)funlunde2014-07-03

But i did attempt it in the sequal.

dan3008 (author)2014-06-28

nice start :)

I've been working on similar written in python for quite some time now... Would be really cool to have a text adventure pokemon. the one i'm working on uses the "maps" trainers and gyms from red, yellow, and blue.

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