Step 6: Finishing

 I used Rustoleum spray-on lacquer as a finish, once the paint was dry. Whatever product you use should have its own instructions for how to apply, dry times, etc. that would be better than anything I could tell you here.

Tips, though:

- If you use spray-on, don't hold it too close to the bath token. String the token up in a well-ventilated area (important!) and apply light coats; I did not do this, so mine ended up with drips.

- Be patient. I know it's boring waiting for paint to dry. Still, trying to touch it before it dries fully leaves finger prints even in clear lacquer, so just leave it alone until time's up!

I also attached a small ribbon through the hole to have something to hang it by.
Sweet! Gonna use these in my No Face cosplay! Gotta get started on a lot xD though for carrying purposes I'll probably use cardstock
Ahhh i want to theme my bathroom around this! How awesome would that look?Very awesome, that's how it would look! Nice one!
Love the movie. also watch the other movies that is by that derector
This is AWESOME I love that movie
I'm making one right now. Thankyou. GREAT&nbsp;idea!<br />
be neat if you could work out what kind of bath the token is for <br />
&nbsp;The one with the three black stripes is the one given to Chihiro by No Face, and is later referred to by one of the frog foremen as &quot;our best herbal formula&quot; and by Len as &quot;dried worm salts; it's supposed to be good for you&quot;.<br /> <br /> The T-shaped one arrives in Kamaji's boiler room at the same time as Chihiro, prompting him to exclaim &quot;Four bath tokens at once?!&quot; and at a later point the foreman hands it to a guest with the comment &quot;Mugwort bath? Relax and enjoy it!&quot;
Heh, excellent movie.&nbsp; I agree, it's the little details like these tokens that really gave it charm.<br /> I like the level of detail you put into this instructable, even while pointing out the simplicity.&nbsp; Nicely done.<br />

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