Step 5: Making Brackets for Latch

The attachment for the chair to the rolling platform will be made by 3 gate latches, these latches can be bought at any local hardware store.  The latches themselves will be attached to the chair, these attachement will be made by bolting the latches to a metal bracket and then U-bolts will mount the brackets to the chair.  The rods will be attached to the rolling platform, 1 and then 2 on the opposing side.
Very nice project! Using the rendering to start, and finishing with the as-built product, is a nice touch.<br><br>&quot;Wheelchair bound&quot; is not considered good language -- it is demeaning and reminiscent of the institutional captivity experienced by many disabled people both in the past and today. The term used within the disability community is &quot;wheelchair user.&quot; Could you change your text accordingly?<br><br>I also have a question about usage. The beach chair seems fairly high off the ground (it's higher than the toilet seat in the Intro (second picture). Is it easy for a wheelchair user with good upper-body strength to transfer themselves into the beach chair?
Thanks for the language change, I had a hard time trying to phrase it but I think your suggestion is a good improvement.<br><br>And about your question of whether or not a person with good upper-body strength could transfer themselves into the chair, to tell you the truth I just don't know for sure. I don't see why they couldn't but it has barely been test with the person that it was built for, so I am just not positive.<br><br>Thanks for the comment, it was much appreciated
It's a really nice design! I think with a Hoyer lift, or maybe even a &quot;trapeze bar&quot; installed, a para could do the transfer themselves, but it's hard to know without having a real user try it out. <br><br>I guess from the last step that you're in the Cal State LA ME program? Does the rehab lab there collaborate at all with CSUN? Northridge has a nationally recognized disability program, and it's not like the two campuses are that far apart :-) (I used to drive farther than that for a fancy dinner when I lived in West LA).
Maybe an L shaped configuration of aluminum tubes or pipes would be better for the wet environment. Have two poles with ball casters that ride inbetween them to act as rails for the transfer movement. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for the suggestion it sounds like a good idea. We were just under limited supplies for this student project, but it sounds like it would be cool for further improvements to the design.

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