We all have business to do.  And nothing is more frustrating needing to do the business and not have the proper supplies.  Unless, of course, you have the supplies and they are wet, dirty or roll out of reach before you can get to it.

That is why I created the Bathroom Briefcase.

The Bathroom Briefcase is a toilet paper container that is water resistant, keeps your paper clean until you are ready to use it and wont roll away.  You can also hang it from a nearby branch until you are ready for it, if needed.

I keep one in my car all the time.  I never know when I might need to complete some "paperwork".  And, it is handy to have around if my cheeseburger drips ketchup on my work shirt.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

45 oz Country Crock butter tub.  You can use any brand, but the 45 oz is the right size container
Roll of toilet paper
Twine, paracord or heavy string

Vinyl tape
<p>Good idea, very useful. This is mine, I use 1 liter paint container.</p>
Thanks for the ible. I use a Folgers coffee container, fits the TP just perfect, but never thought about adding a shoulder strap. Great idea. Thanks for taking my primitive camping one step further.
Good idea!!!:)
That is a really good idea!

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