I don't know about you all, but I hate getting on my bathroom scale.  It only ever seems to tell me I'm getting bigger, and in such a mean way... even with decimal points, as if to say I can't dispute the scientific accuracy of it.

But I need to get on the bathroom scale... I'm getting older (as in: no longer in high school.. is all your getting out of me), and have some minor health concerns where a scale would help me greatly. And the worst of it.... I had to buy new pants last week.  Ughhh!  I HATE BUYING PANTS!! Torture.

So I've decided to make friends with the scale... after I mod it of course, so it looks better & acts nicer. Luckily this turned easier to do than I anticipated.

Step 1: What You'll Need

This project consists of 2 main parts, first modifying the scale.. so it doesn't have all that attitude, and then adding a fabric top, that is much more cheerful, and invites your feet to step on it in the morning.

To Modify The Scale
  • Old Mechanical Scale (not the new fangled kind that shoots electricity through your body to tell you you body fat... and doesn't seem to give you the same read out twice in 2 min... I have NO idea what to do with that one)
  • Metal Spray Paint & Primer
  • Flathead Screw Driver
  • Piece of Wire
  • Crescent wrench... or whatever wrench that is handy
  • Acrylic Paints & Gesso (Acrylic primer)
  • Enamel Paints (like for model cars)
  • Small Brushes
  • Tracing Paper
  • Carbon Paper was useful
  • Sand paper
To make the cushy part for your feet.
  • Fleece Fabric (about 1/2 a yard should be more than enough)
  • Fabric Scraps
  • Thread  & Yarn (colors of your choosing)
  • Needles: Denim needle for your machine, large eye embroidery needle for the yarn.
  • Scissors
  • Double Stick Fusible Web (You can find this in the findings sections of fabric stores, it makes life a little easier...)
  • Sewing Machine (for applique)
As someone who used to have an eating disorder, I have to say this is quite possible the coolest thing I've ever seen. :)
Wow! magdalena89...it think that may be the coolest comment i could have ever hoped to receive. Thank you. Neat to think, ideas and art can have an impact. (even mine).
Great job I love it (-:
it's kinda saying the heavier you are the healthier now that's not really true but besides that its now in my favorites!
Wow! Excellent!
I have to agree with magdalena89, for the same reason. I don't go near scales now because of the eating disorder which I recently realized isn't 'gone', but that's a sad tale for another time.<br><br>My question to you, awesome author, is, your footprints are very very high in the arch. Do you have trouble finding shoes to fit? Or, even more curiously, do you have scoliosis (curvature of the spine)?<br><br>Inquiring minds want to know (mainly because I have both of those problems with my very high arched foot. ;) I also hate socks touching my arches..)
Hey PuzzleJen, <br> I guess I never thought about my arches :-) But they are pretty high. I don't like walking bare foot for a long time because of it. I LOVE socks though ;-) the funner the better. Just makes me smile.. in case the picture didn't give it away.<br><br>I don't have scoliosis. I understand that that can be quite frustrating, and painful. I'm sorry to hear that you have to manage that. grrrr.<br><br>Yeah, scales are evil. (except for mine of course). I think there are very few red blooded american woman who are strong enough to not let the scale effect their ego. (and many guys too) It's so unfortunate... think about all the waisted energy we put in to not thinking we're good enough... instead of taking a reading, being aware... and then moving on with our day.
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I'd love to see one that when you step on it, it says, &quot;ONE AT A TIME, PLEASE!&quot;, &quot;hey, have ya thought about Weight Watchers?&quot; or, &quot;Dayum! What's the deal?&quot;<br>I thought that would be a riot! I would bet that it would sell big time! It's a fad unit, but watch some unsuspecting person step on it.......Hours of fun! <br>Thanks!
This is awesome! I am thinking of getting a dial scale now instead of my digital one just to do this to it!
Nice! I'd love to see a picture.
I love this.
Very nice... I do not like to measure my weight, but on such scales pleased to have weighed. Thanks
Those are some sassy looking socks to go with your cute scale :)
Why Thank you, Thank you very much :-)
Ever find it ironic that it says &quot;not legal for trade&quot; on the dial? What is that supposed to mean, anyway?<br><br>Sorry, offbeat sense of humor coming through...
I think it means it's not accurate enough to use to measure like postal packages... or if your counting beans (by mass). So I guess I can't stick postage on me &amp; head to warmer climates :-) <br><br>Perhaps I'll point that out t my husband, in case he gets any ideas for trading me in, for say a flask of whiskey.
Probably a safe bet.
This is so cute! You could even make it to match your bathroom decor. Does the mat affect the reading at all?
Matching scale.. could be fun!<br>No, the mat's to light to affect the reading... if it were heavier, on the mechanical scales, there is a screw on the front you can turn to get it to zero out. I think that often the electronic scales have a similar functionality but you may have to reset it or something.
This is great!
Ooh, I love it!
Thank you omnibot, I'm trying to keep it cheery here in the winter.
This is hilarious. The scale looks happier too.
Good point! Maybe a happier scale, will tell me what i want to hear !
This makes me happy. A great idea!<br />;)
Thank you... :-)

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