Step 4: Enjoy

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This is my first instructable; so, any advise is more than welcomed.  I have enjoyed this site and yall's projects for - so long - that I had to contribute.

Most of the hardware in this project is industrial grade leftovers, and I realize they are a little overkill for this application.  Please don't let that discourage you from a similar project; other cheaper but more-than-reliable-for-this-application hardware is available.  It could easily be duplicated with security magnetic break switches and some simple relays.

I look forward to updating this project as the questions come in.

Community suggested updates to be made:
option -- move more hardware into the attic to make installation less visible - jemivallo
info -- top down diagram of physical layout - jemivallo
info -- more detailed part descriptions - eli2k
info -- wiring diagram - eli2k
info -- more details on my relation to the building - lemonie
info -- advantages and disadvantages of used input - lowercase
option -- other forms of input and their advantages and disadvantages
  detecting door lock using microswitches - frollard
  motion sensors - pH_
  contact sensor working off a low voltage detection circuit - cornboy3
  read sensor and magnet to detect door position - Jeffrey G C
info -- the fan's purpose - iambarney155
option -- labels for light box - zoltzerino
option -- adding inputs and hardware to check for hand washing - monkeytoes
  use the water to makeup a low voltage detection circuit for water flow - seifpic
  use a momentary switch - pie ninja
  build a input into the soap dispenser - clickcolleen
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTF9-j_y7zU - clickcolleen
option -- replace light box with hotel vacancy sign - static
option -- one light vs. two light system - xavtek
option -- allow the door status to be checked remotely via webserver - drsquirrel
  http://www.instructables.com/id/Garage-Monitor-3001/ - joe

enolasco4 years ago
You should try using an airline indicator sign next time. I think it might be a little funnier haha. Just a suggestion.
drsquirrel5 years ago
Fit an AVR webserver to it, so people can see if it's available from their computer/desk/phone etc :D
hixair5 years ago
I don't like the fact that a green light is always on to tell that the bathroom is available, it's kind of lost of energy where you could only have shown the status busy by lightning the red light.
Also, what if someone leaves the bathroom and closes the door ? status will be inacurate. I think people are most likely to switch the light on and off (that you can detect with a light sensor) than leaving the door closed when gone when. 
Otherwise, i find the system very nice and usefull :)
 it is a very good idea but i dont get the fan why do i need a fan?
Nateokane5 years ago
 Some would call it lazy, I call it innovative.