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I bought a house about 2 months ago and had to re-do the bathroom right away on a tight budget. I saw some inspirational vessel sink designs online that I thought "hey, anyone can do that" ... and so here it goes.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
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1) Desk or Table -- This is the key to the project. About a 2 years ago I bought this nicely detailed desk on Craigslist for $50 dollars. The important part for you is to find one that you don't mind destroying (you have to cut it up, drill holes, etc) and the right size and height. The height can vary depending on personal preference, but a good level is about 34 inches for me.

2) Vessel Sink -- This new trend made the whole project possible. You can find these at one of those big box stores, but I recommend eBay. I got mine for $75 dollars (including shipping) and it shipped and looks perfect. The seller I bought from is below. Any seller will probably be good, just make sure they have high ratings.


3) Facet (for Vessel Sinks) -- And now buy one of the all-in-one sink facets. They range in price from $40-190 -- Mine was around the $50 mark. I bought mine on amazon (link below). Make sure that it's tall enough for a vessel sink and remember that you'll want the handle up high. You don't want to reach around the sink to turn on the water. 


cowcrusher1 year ago

Very nice!! Did you use anything on the desk to seal it up from any water that may get sprayed on it?

Dr_Hyde2 years ago
This is beautiful; great job.
gbrown202 years ago
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gbrown202 years ago
I like it a lot :) you are very creative and have good imagination, check also my ideas at www.bathroomsinks.biz and tell me if you like them
sunshiine3 years ago
I love this instructable! Thanks for sharing.
That is an excellent idea! Love the desk you chose.