Step 2: Installation of the Sink

To prep the desk/table you'll want to mock up the sink and facet first. Make sure you have them spaced correctly and that everything feels like it's in the right spot. Note there are some rules here on distance bowl should be from the edge, etc. But for me, It was all about how it feels. 

First - Mark the exact center of the piece. Always measure twice, cut once! Now take a hole saw bit and drill in the correct size hole for the drain. Mine had to be at lease 1-1/4" so I went to 1-1/2". This part will take some problem solving if you have a drawer here. I took it out at first.

Second - Assemble the sink per the instructions that came with them. Mine came with a free pop-up drain, so there was nothing too hard about this part. Ensure that you have the water tight washers in the right spot, otherwise the sink could leak making you disassemble everything. 

Last - Have a dry run. Put the sink in place and make sure you like how everything fits. 
<p>Very nice!! Did you use anything on the desk to seal it up from any water that may get sprayed on it?</p>
This is beautiful; great job.
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I love this instructable! Thanks for sharing. <br />Sunshiine
That is an excellent idea! Love the desk you chose.

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