Bathroom Shower Prank


Introduction: Bathroom Shower Prank

In this instructable I will teach you how to pull a masterful prank with some very humorous results.

For this instructable you will need  
-a package of  cool aide
-a shower to use this on
-and an unsuspecting person

Step 1: Piecing Together the Prank

If you go to your shower you are going to use you will see that the head will come off .Take off the head and pour the cool aid into it and put the shower back together. When a person steps into the shower and turns the water on it will run through the cool aid and come out what ever color you put in (I recommend a dark red color because it kinda looks like blood coming out)which will completely dumbfound the person in it.

Step 2: Enjoy the Results

It is best to live in the household that the prank will take place in because you can fully enjoy the results.

warning this prank may dye the person in the showers skin be careful and I take no responsibility for anything that may occur due to this prank.

Have  fun out there.



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    My brother came out all blue but he took 2 showers after to get rid of the blue

    An old classic, I love this one.  Another good one is to use something like chilli powder which will not only come out red, but sting a little too.  Also, if they jump out of the shower fast enough, the smell will cling to them for a day or two. 

    Come to think about it, I would only recommend that on someone you really aren't good friends with.

    2 replies

    I never thought of that ,to use chilli powder I have not heard of that one but it sounds like a real good prank, takes this to a whole new level.

    Ahh the old chill powder in the eyes prank. Classic and not stooopid at all. If I'm trying to be really funny, I use battery acid*.

    *stooopid people I'm being sarcastic. Cool aid is annoying but funny and harmless. Maybe it'll wash out of your towels and mats? Maybe the owner of said ruined items will see the funny side. Chilli powder (or acid) will cause pain and is the dumbest thing I have ever read on this site.

    Well to try to keep within the "be nice" comment policy, I would suggest this instructable could contribute to increasing the overall quality of this site, by being removed.

    Using something that stains is not a good idea (well... depends how you look at it :P)

    You are supposed to actually do something and photograph it. Pictures of thumbs along with everything else you picked off the internet are not useful / appropriate. If you made these for the competition - they don't qualify.


    2 replies

    Well, thank you for the advice / criticism and the reason being that I used pictures such as the ones you see on this instructble is because I do not own a camera at the moment so I had to use Google pictures. And if you just don't like the presentation this is my first instructble and I have not gotten used to making them yet.

    Yes it's a shame, people have mobile phones, Xboxes, laptops, PSPs etc, but teenagers seem stuck for the use of a digital camera too often...

    There's text after the Submit button, and even more after you click New Instructable, which advises on making these things (including Clear well taken photos are the most important part of your Instructable) it helps to read these things.

    The competition rules are here:
    must involve some physical object that you make for the prank