Introduction: Batman: Arkham City Riddler Cane

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This was a very fun project, it took a lot of time, but I think it's worth it.

Materials (I used)
     ~34"+ of 1" wodden dowel rod
     ~75" of 3/8" by 1.5" wood boards
     ~wood glue
     ~drill with a 1" drill bit
     ~hand saw
     ~spray paint (gray primer, gold, and a darker green)
     ~masking tape

Step 1: The Question Mark

Picture of The Question Mark

This was the first thing i built.

Everywhere i glued, i let it sit for a day or two to let it dry.

Step 2: The Handle/Rod

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The rod is a little more than 30"

Step 3: Bottom Block Thing

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The last block is like the gold one in step 1, just green.

In the game the Riddler has more on the bottom, but i didn't have the parts to finish, so i just did this.

Step 4: Paint

Picture of Paint

I primered it all first, then went through with masking tape and added lines like on the question mark part and the handle on the rod... i hope you liked this... it's my first "Instructable"


Henry Jones (author)2014-10-04

Awesome! Or as the Riddler would say, "The shaved monkey built something!"

Mcclanep (author)Henry Jones2017-05-19


Blue_Link (author)2016-10-14

what are the measurements (in inches) because I want to do this as a school project. Please and thank you. P.s. I need guick because I need to use it by next fri

GarretW3 (author)2015-11-28

This looks amazing, and I was thinking of going to my local comic con as Riddler. What length were the pieces in the question mark?

mbernal99 (author)2013-10-28

What are the lengths of the wood pieces on the cane?

BeholdersEye (author)mbernal992013-10-31

I'm not sure which part of the cane you are asking about, could you be a little more specific please?

I'm curious about each specific part, starting from the stem to the bottom of the "curve" to the top and to the end, and also the dimensions of the gold/green block

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