Batman Arkham Cowl


Introduction: Batman Arkham Cowl

About: I do cosplay and props happy to help

Step 1: The Cowl

U need pepakura designer 3.0

Step 2: Cut Out Pecies

Step 3: Trace

Step 4: Cut Again

Step 5: Ta Da

Easy but mind the ears first (I think)



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    Man, KemikalzAreFun, I wish I you could have said that earlier, before I took the tough route. I had used cardboard on all my projects(with a lil' duct tape). But I never had the tools or money to getting any of the materials for pepakura projects. Still, they turned out good, but hardly fit me anymore:(

    I want to make mine out of latex

    And found an arkham origins one for those who want to build one just type down Jf customs foam files

    Ok starting over kinda got it to look sucky but like odebron said keep on keeping on

    That looks cool, man. Keep on building and building.

    i like it dont let anybody get you down keep on keeping on

    Ok.. Practice.. :P
    You can't call yourself a prop maker until you can make it look almost exactly like what you're making.
    Start with somethin easier. Get the tools, and supplies needed, and don't start off with using card board.. It's so much harder to make it look good.. Unless you're willing to do hours of bondoing (which you don't seem old enough to be able to even buy bondo, but I could be wrong).
    You want to start out easy, and make something simple. Use pepakura and just use cardstock instead of cardboard. It's SO much easier to use.
    (P.S. I'll have an instruct able out on a Custom Mandalorian Armor soon! ^_^ maybe you can get a couple pointers?)
    Anyway, good work anyway! :)

    Enjoy I am making a full costume for next year