Batman Belt Build





Introduction: Batman Belt Build

"I want a batman belt for my birthday," said my 4 year old cousin.
"Okay I will get you one to add you your massive amount of toys
and gadgets you don't play with," said I.

 That humble kiddish conversation lead to the creation of my first build and 

Parts List:

Ghetto cheap tap lights 4 for $3
Walmart approved Buzz Light Year belt $6
Radio Shack AAA battery holder $2
Walmart glue $3
Paper clay $3.48

Old, Yellow CD case.
Ancient, salvage battery connector
Hot glue gun with delicious glue sticks
Salvage wire from anywhere

Step 1: Remove Sticker

In this step you remove the buzz light year sticker that mocks you in your dreams.

When the sticker is removed you can start your therapy again.

Step 2: Take Apart Ghetto Tap Light and Look at the Pretty Innerts

Originally I was just going to slap a batman symbol onto the tap light and be done with it.
Built I realized that it was the easy way out and also it didn't look so good and I want
to be praised and worshiped by other at my cousin's future birthday party so I decided
to take it apart.

Original tap light

Tap light disassembled ( there were about 3 screws in the back)

Step 3: Build Switch and Glue Mania

The tap light has a blue button right in the middle of it that you tap to turn on (duh).
Initially I thought I was going to remove it and add my own toggle switch but then I 
realized I should just keep things simple. Instead I figured I will just keep the switch
press in and add the toggle switch between the main power lines. Its easier and 
there's less mind altering soldering fumes involved.


1. Solder toggle switch between main battery lines.
2. The fun part hot glue everything down.

Step 4: Visit Staples and Cut Up Plastic Stuff and the Big Finish

I utilized our friend the internet to find a Batman symbol for the belt.
After I found the symbol I resized several times until I got the correct 
size based on the dimensions of the Buzz Light Year belt.

Then I traced out the dimension of the Batman symbol onto the yellow CD
holder and cut out the shape
Then I molded the Paper Clay around the belt buckle and let it dry for a few
days. I then painted the paper clay and let that dry too.  Hot glued everything together.
Added the battery connector to the belt (remember to test for polarity since its
and led setup)

The result is a finished product that is just cool enough to get any kid get bullied in
grade school.



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    Can't really find the belt :/
    Looked in walmart, can't really find it. Let me know if you find it anywhere!

    it should be in the young boys section of the store... in my walmart it was hard to find too... not sure where else they sell the belts

    awesome build I might make one for a big kid :) don't forget to add shark repellent spray to your belt you never know when you'll need it!

    This is really cool! Thank you for using the old batman symbol, I personally think it's way more awesome than the new version.

    yes I like the old symbol better too... plus it lights up better

    Which is always a plus.

    Thanks for making this fun to read, too! I am also quite curious to learn for just how long your build finds favor in the eyes of your cousin..

    I hope he wears it a lot and it can handle the roughness of a child.... it feels pretty rigid/solid but you know the persistent strength of a child borders on Incredible Hulk like power...

    I like this, cool concept, but instead of placing the LED's in one bunch in the middle, it may be better if you put them in a line behind the bat. them you wont see them shining through, and the whole thing would be lit up. :)

    Just a suggestion.

    - Zahmashista,

    thanks for the suggestion, he has a little brother who is going to be 3 if he wants a batman belt when he's 4 or 5 I will do that.... thanks