Step 4: Cowl and Belt

Picture of Cowl and Belt
Cowl Front.JPG
Cowl Side.JPG
Belt Extended.JPG
The Cowl I bought online for about $25, the Belt was $8. They are both Dark Knight Rises Style. I altered the belt from Velcro to a clip for easier wearing and use.
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JasonTodd1 year ago
This tutorial is fantastic, thank you!! Just one quick question. Is this the Dark Knight Rises Rubies cowl? It looks great and I am looking to buy the same one. How do you like it? Pros and cons? Thanks!
nbennie02 (author)  JasonTodd1 year ago
Its a bit loose. Other than that I love it.
nbennie02 (author)  JasonTodd1 year ago
No its not a Rubies Cowl. I bought it on ebay. I'm not really sure the manufacturer.