These Batman Gauntlets are great for completing your batman Halloween costume and even to just walk around with pure swag!

Step 1: The Materials You Will Need

Soccer Shin Guards

Spray Paint

Bread Knife 


Black Soccer Socks 

Cardboard Box

Hot Glue Gun

Black Heavy Duty Gloves


Piece of Paper
<p>nice one</p>
<p>can you get soccer socks and shin guards at Dicks Sporting Goods?</p>
<p>that looks epic. you should make more tutorials on this</p>
nice affordable ible though these are vambraces not gauntlets(armored gloves with a cuff)
Done they look good but it took me a while to draw the spikes
This is cool. I've made batman gauntlets before, but only out of cardboard. <br/>P.S. you can tell the first two people that posted comments have a batman profile picture.
I didn't expect much, with cardboard glued to shin guards. But i'm not going to lie, this looks real good. I might even make this.

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