Built with the same methods as my 'WingKite' (see below)
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Step 1: Frame

Picture of Frame
Cut and lay out bamboo frame

Step 3: Attach 'Skin'

Picture of Attach 'Skin'
Lay on black plastic, cut off excess and duct tape edges to the frame
What are the dimensions
chri5craft5 months ago
If anyone made this plz tell us if it flys
blastaton1 year ago


jfc1151 year ago
Enter it in the contest
smellytuna1 year ago
Does it fly?
batman22312 years ago
you should try flying on that
any pic s of it flying?
make it into a big hangglider
ilpug3 years ago
wear roller skates and use this to wind skate around
if i made this bigger and added a harness could i fly this thing with me on it?
dosRedLight3 years ago
very cool i might make this myself i cant believe how good it is! :)
rimar20003 years ago
Nice design! Flies it well?
Kiteman3 years ago
That looks amazing - we have got to have pictures of it aloft!!
SHIFT!3 years ago
Could you please post more pictures of the overside? I'd also LOVE to see it in the air!
LeonArchiTesla (author)  SHIFT!3 years ago
I'd love to see it 'in the air', too!

Weather report for next 3 days:

SW at 4 mph
WSW at 3 mph
WSW at 4 mph

mary candy3 years ago
nice work !
21GeeOff213 years ago
Awesome! Good luck gettin that thing up. And when you do, get some pics of it on here! Please.