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hey boy's and girl's.

I created this batman lamp with Pringles can. the things you need for this project:

1. Pringles can

2. foam

3. black paint

4. an LED light

5. tape.

tools you need for this project:

1. hot glue gun

2. scissors

3. paintbrush

4. a few newspapers to protect your table

well that's it.

Step 1: Measure Your Lid

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draw the batman logo you like the best on your foam.

Step 2: Cut Your Foam

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cut out your batman logo.

Step 3: Paste It on Your Lid

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get your hot glue gun and shoot your neighbors.

i mean, stick it on your lid.

I used a black marker, which was easier for me.

Step 4: Paint It Black

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paint your Pringles can until it's as dark as the knight.

Step 5: This Is the LED I Used.

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you must use a LED with only one light.

first i tried it with a flashlight but that didn't go as planned.

Step 6: Tape It!

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tape on a side of the can.

Step 7:

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than put the lid back on.

and turn the lights off.


Swansong (author)2016-09-28

This would be a fun kids craft! My husband has a bat signal on his desk too. :)

KingMartXIV (author)Swansong2016-09-28

yeah it's more for people who don't have that much tools i did it with hot glue but for kids i would use school glue not hot glue.

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