I used blender, an open source 3d modeling program to trace a batman logo, turn it into mesh and mold it into a paperclip format.

Here is my .blend file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18723152/batman.blend

This is what the final results look like (more images on the last page)

Step 1: Tracing

I started by getting a clear image of the batman log from: http://www.vectortemplates.com/raster-batman.php

I imported the picture as a background image in blender ( You can find such option by pressing n on the window)

Press Shift+A, under curves, go to nurbs curb and in edit mode (press tab to switch modes), move around the vertices to trace over the curves.

Press alt+c to convert curves into mesh, join all the curves, and in edit mode (tab), press f to connect the end points

after tracing half of the image, duplicate (shift+d) and rotate (r - 90 degrees) and connect both traces

on the top(head), you will have to recreate the curve so you can fill in the mesh

press alt+f to beautify fill the mesh and then extrude it

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