Batman Sign


Introduction: Batman Sign

My son wanted a place to hang his super suits for his birthday. I thought about attaching the hangers to the sign itself....... The outcome would more than likely end in a big hole in the drywall and the sign on top of his sister. I'm still in the middle of the hanger, I'll repost when it's complete.

Step 1: Template

Find a design you like and print it out on a regular size sheet of paper. Draw a grid over top of design with 1" squares. Decide what your scale is ( mine was 1: 3 1/2 ). Draw grid 3 1/2" sq. on project wood and then transfer. To get the arcs close I used a 2' adjustable curve from lee valley.

Step 2: Profile

Profile the wings using a rotory rasp ( shown above) and a orbital sander. I built this in two parts ( you can see the seam running horizontally, attached using a domino joiner).

Step 3: Border

Same goes for the border ( 2 parts ). I just thought it was easier to handle.

Step 4: Prep and Paint

I sanded down to 320 grit. The border and yellow backing is one piece the is screwed in to the studs and the batman logo is hung using clip hangers ( 4 in total lee valley ). If you chose to, I also elevated the border and sign by 3/4" to give it depth and for the "glow in the dark" strips I glued on the backside. The boy went ballistic when I shut the lights off!!!!

Step 5:

Step 6:



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    12 Discussions

    You've mixed DC with Marvel I'm sorry, its just not right

    You are an artisan, obviously.

    pretty awesome

    I might also use the batman beyond symbol

    Cool deco for my room... But I might not make it that big because I have a small room

    And what did you use to get the bat symbol to 'stand off' the backing plate?

    1 reply

    Did you paint it or spray it?? Amazing build btw and a wicked idea, ive even got the misuses to go for it at the top of our stairs lol. Bonus!

    1 reply

    hi there, I used a hvlp sprayer after I sanded down to 220 grit. Black will show any imperfection so take your time sanding. I also applied two coates of primer which will also bring out any divots or low spots.

    WOW, I just went totally ballistic too.... You did that without the help of a CNC? I am totally not worthy....

    That is truly beautiful and I hope your son knows just how much you love him.